DoPchoice Intro Light Shaping Gear to Enhance New LED Lights Posted: 30/01/2019
DoPchoice Intro and rsquo;s Light Shaping Gear to Enhance New LED Lights

To meet the needs of the industry’s fastest growing sector, lighting accessary-maker DoPchoice will introduce new products at BSC 2019. DoPchoice innovations include gear for the latest LED offerings from KinoFlo, DMG, Hudson Spider, Astera, Quasar Science, BB&S Lighting, and Fargo, as well as the new extra-versatile RABBIT-EARS® X-Crossover mounting system that allows more sizes and multiple fixtures to be used with a single SNAPBAG® snap-up soft box system.

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Submitted by Lewis Communications
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Hudson Spider to premier worlds first parabolic LED Posted: 21/08/2017
Hudson Spider to premier worlds first parabolic LED

Premiering at IBC to the European film and broadcast industry, the Redback from Hudson Spider is the worlds first parabolic layout of LEDs for film lighting. The Redback spider creates beautiful, directional soft light without the need for diffusion, bounce or flags. Photographers have long bounced light into umbrellas with flash, but until now, this quality of soft light has proved impossible to bring to constant lighting utilising LEDs. Hudson Spider's prototypes are already becoming workhorses on the biggest film and TV sets worldwide. The 36 Redback edition is the first model in the highly anticipated Hudson Spider range. Additional diffusions also come as part of the kit.

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Submitted by LCA - Lights, Camera, Action
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