Travelling with your Tech Posted: 28/03/2017
Travelling with your Tech
Protecting valuable tablets and laptops from the rigours of air travel has never been easier with the Peli range of hardback and Air cases, designed to meet the needs of business and creative professionals.
There are eleven models in this range to protect laptops and tablets. From the Peli 1055 which holds tablets up to 7 to the Peli 1095 for 15 laptops, each case offers crush resistance and watertight protection. The cases also feature an automatic pressure equalisation valve to prevent vacuum lock; they are easy to open at any altitude. The hard cases can be carried in soft luggage to provide enhanced protection for your tech during travel.

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Submitted by Peli Products (UK) Ltd
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Tough protection to transport your Tech Posted: 15/01/2013
Tough protection to transport your Tech

Combining the watertight, crushproof features of the Peli case with a practical, stylish backpack, this new Peli range offers an ideal solution to protect digital equipment while on the move.

Peli Urban Elite and Sports Elite Backpacks feature built-in Peli cases for maximum protection for sensitive laptops and tablets.  The range is designed for function with flair and includes different styles to protect laptops (models U100 & S100) or tablets (models U140 & S140)- these are top loading for fast access.   Peli backpacks are equipped with several pockets and a rigid front plate to securely transport e-readers, tablets and notebooks.

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Submitted by Peli Products (UK) Ltd
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