Bluebell Opticom at BVE 2017 Posted: 30/01/2017
Bluebell Opticom at BVE 2017

BCX-760 Series 10G Ethernet Point-to-Point Fibre Link

New to BVE this year is Bluebell Opticom's BCX-760 Series 10G Ethernet point-to-point fibre link, a camera-back interface that allows easy connection and signal transport between a camera and an outside broadcast (OB) truck or a base station. In a first for the industry, BCX interfaces map all signals presented at the back of any broadcast camera onto a 10G Ethernet point-to-point link, ensuring safe, robust, interference-immune, high-quality transport over much longer distances than have been possible before.
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Eyeheight announces CC-3D stereoscopic colour corrector Posted: 23/01/2012
Eyeheight announces CC-3D stereoscopic colour corrector

Eyeheight announces the world's first multi-rate stereoscopic 3D colour corrector. Designed for use in broadcast production, post-production and playout centres, the Eyeheight CC-3D allows both channels of a stereoscopic 3D pair to be corrected under common single control.


Colour correction or grading is the process of enhancing images to maintain visual continuity or to achieve specific creative effects. Colour correctors are commonly employed in telecine grading suites and in video post-production. Using a common single control ensures that any adjustments made have an identical effect on both channels of a stereoscopic 3D pair.

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