PMC Launches result6 Compact Nearfield Monitor at AES 2017 Posted: 18/10/2017
UK loudspeaker manufacturer PMC will unveil result6, a brand new compact nearfield reference monitor, at this years AES convention in New York (Booth 330).
Tags: PMC Speakers | result6 nearfield monitors | AES New York | New Product
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Mayfield Mastering Blazes A Trail With PMCs New MB3 Monitors Posted: 13/10/2017
Nashville mastering facility Mayfield Mastering has become one of the first studios in the world to invest in PMCs award-winning MB3-XBD-A 3-way active main monitors, which were launched earlier this year at NAMM.
Tags: PMC | Mayfield Mastering | MB3-XBD-A Active Main Monitors | Mastering | Music | John Mayfiield
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VITEC Unveils Unparalleled HEVC Video Quality With Its Field-Proven MGW Ace Encoder at IBC2017 Posted: 14/09/2017
VITEC, a worldwide leader in advanced video encoding and streaming solutions, today unveiled the MGW Ace Encoder firmware v2.0, the next generation of the industry's first entirely portable, award-winning, hardware-based HEVC encoder. Powered by the new HEVC GEN2 codec, the MGW Ace Encoder provides the industry's best HEVC video quality of up to 4:2:2 10-bits HEVC encoding and surpasses the second-best competitor by 20 percent to meet the quality requirements of demanding broadcast applications. Along with delivering pristine broadcast-quality video streams and ultra-low latency down to 160 ms glass to glass when paired with the MGW Ace Decoder version 2.0 features a new interface that allows users to enhance video streams with several pre-configured profiles to match their application. This intuitive approach ensures that the MGW Ace Encoder can easily be set up to deliver the best streaming performance for any application.
Tags: VITEC | Unparalleled HEVC Video Quality | Field-Proven MGW Ace Encoder | IBC2017 | ace encoder | portable | havoc encoder | video encoding | streaming solutions | IBC 2017 | IBC 2017
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Musician Producer Florian Opahle Equips His New Studio With PMC Posted: 09/06/2017
After years of working in other peoples studios, musician, composer and producer Florian Opahle has finally opened his own recording facility a beautiful 100 square meter studio in Rosenheim, Bavaria, at the foot of the German Alps.
Tags: PMC Speakers | RedBoxx Studios | Florian Opahle | MB2 monitors | twotwo 6 nearfield monitors | Jethro Tull
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VITEC Announces Highest HEVC Quality Posted: 26/04/2017
VITEC, a worldwide leader in advanced video encoding and streaming solutions, today announced its second-generation HEVC codec (GEN2). Powering the company's field-proven MGW Ace Encoder -- the industry's first portable HEVC hardware-based encoder -- this new codec sets new industry standards in quality surpassing the second best HEVC codec competitor by 20 percent. When paired with MGW Ace Decoder, it becomes a fully hardware-based, end-to-end 4:2:2 10-bit HEVC encode/decode streaming solution that supports the most demanding and diverse video streaming use cases.
Tags: VITEC | HEVC Quality | MGW Ace Encoder | hardware | software | encoder | codec | competition | field | GEN2 | NAB 2017 | NAB 2017
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Light Field Lab, Inc. Launches to Bring Holographic Experiences to Consumers Posted: 18/04/2017

Light Field Lab, Inc. officially debuts today, co-founded by CEO Jon Karafin, CTO Brendan Bevensee, and VP of Engineering Ed Ibe. The co-founders previously worked together to design the worlds first professional light field capture system at award-winning company Lytro. Light Field Lab builds on the founders collective expertise with a new independent venture to advance the display, delivery, and interactivity of light field content. 

Tags: Light Field Lab | Jon Karafin | Brendan Bevensee | Ed Ibe | real-world holographics | Lytro
Submitted by Raz Public Relations
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BroadStream Invests in Continued Growth and Service-Focused Culture Posted: 04/04/2017
BroadStream Solutions Inc., one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the broadcast space, has appointed three executives as part of its ongoing investment in the company's continued growth, global strategy, and service-focused culture.
Tags: BroadStream | Growth | Culture | President | CEO | Senior Leadership | team | global strategy | David Bowes | Frank Summerfield | Melissa Preslar
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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As part of a BBC-wide strategy to migrate towards IP contribution methods, BBC North has expanded the ability to land IP circuits directly into the MediaCity campus. A number of modular devices from Crystal Vision have been used as part of this expansion in order to interface with existing HD/SDI infrastructure. 

Tags: crystal vision | IP | HD/SDI | fibre | distribution amplifiers | synchroniser | indigo | SNMP | modular | infrastructure | philip scofield | mediacityuk | converters | broadcast
Submitted by Crystal Vision Ltd.
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Presteigne Broadcast Hire invests more than and 2M GBP in 4K Posted: 27/03/2017
Presteigne Broadcast Hire today announced that is has taken delivery of more than £2M in new broadcast technology from Sony, Canon, Blackmagic, Vinten and others to further strengthen its dry hire stock inventories with the latest technologies.
Tags: Presteigne Broadcast Hire | Presteigne | new kit | Sony | Canon | Blackmagic | Vinten | Sony HDC-4300 | Canon 4K studio | field | ENG | telephoto lenses | 4k lenses | HD camera
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PMC Helps Whitfield Mastering With A Seamless Move Posted: 23/01/2017
Some careers are more portable than others. These days, if you have an office job and a computer, the chances are you can work pretty much anywhere with a broadband connection and a laptop. But as a mastering engineer, moving your entire studio, including delicate vintage technology such as vinyl cutting lathes, is a bit more of a challenge and precisely recreating the acoustics of your old rooms can be next to impossible.
Tags: PMC Speakers | Whitfield Mastering | Naweed Ahmed | BB5 Speakers
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KKR-Backed Emerald Media Leads US$35 Million Round in Amagi Media Labs Posted: 15/12/2016
Emerald Media, the Pan-Asia company backed by leading global investment firm KKR for investing in the media and entertainment sector, today announced that it has acquired a significant minority stake in Amagi Media Labs ('Amagi'), the leader in targeted TV advertising and cloud-based TV broadcast infrastructure. Premji Invest, the investment arm of Azim Premji, (an existing shareholder) is also participating in this combination of primary and secondary US$35 million Series D round. Mayfield India and Nadathur Holdings will continue to remain invested in the Company. 
Tags: Amani | KKR-Backed | Emerald Media | Million Round | Amagi Media Labs | Mayfield India | Nadathur Holdings
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Mariner xVu Launches WaveGuide, a Simple Wi-Fi Workflow Solution for Field Technicians Posted: 12/10/2016
Mariner xVu(TM), the global leader in Software Defined Monitoring(TM) (SDM) for IP video, today announced the release of its latest groundbreaking product application, WaveGuide. Available on Google Marketplace, the app is integrated with Mariner's award-winning xVu software platform directly out of the box.
Tags: Mariner xVU | WaveGuide | Wi-Fi Workflow | Competitive experience | IP video market | Field Technicians
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Cinefade - A novel form of cinematic expression Posted: 05/09/2016
The first and only camera accessory that allows cinematographers to vary depth of field in one shot, enabling the gradual transition between a sharp and a blurry background.
Tags: Cinefade | variable depth of field | rack | fade | filter tray | variable ND filter | storytelling tool | cmotion lens control system | IBC 2016 | IBC 2016
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Forscene to host OTT Innovator of the Year at IBC 2016 Posted: 30/06/2016

Forscene will host a presentation by OTT Innovator of the Year, Guy Tasaka at IBC 2016s Technology in Action Theatre.  The presentation, Efficiency, speed, innovation the key ingredients to delivering your breaking news content, explores how the news industry has adapted for OTT and social delivery, and is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 10, at 2p.m.   

Tags: IBC 2016 | Forscene | News | OTT | Forbidden Technologies | Field59 | Calkins Digital | Guy Tasaka | Jason Cowan
Submitted by Little Cricket PR
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Its Not Rocket Science Launches with The Foundry Software Posted: 19/01/2016
The new comedy science animation show, Its Not Rocket Science, is a 10-episode series that has been developed using solutions and tools from leading creative software developer The Foundry. Created by retired Canadian astronaut and commander of the International Space Station Chris Hadfield, together with his son Evan, the series seeks to address current issues and misunderstood science topics, from vaccinations to climate change.
Tags: The Foundry | Its Not Rocket Science | Chris Hadfield
Submitted by Whiteoaks
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