New range of LIteDimmers from LiteGear Posted: 21/08/2017
New range of LIteDimmers from LiteGear

After 2 years of development, IBC 2017 will see the official launch of the LiteDimmer Pro Chroma LiteRibbon and LiteMat dimmer. This high capacity, four-channel dimmer is packed with profiles and modes for Hybrid, RGBA and RGBW LEDs. In addition to this long awaited LiteDimmer, LiteGear is proud to introduce the LiteDimmer Universal. This 4-channel dimmer packs a little bit of everything into a small, robust package. Available modes control Hybrid, RGB, and RGB/X in both manual and DMX modes through the onboard encoders and RJ45 DMX ports.

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Paglight is halogen, HMI and now LED. Posted: 27/10/2009
Paglight is halogen, HMI and now LED. PAG Ltd, the camera power and lighting specialist, announces the launch of the new Paglight LED Dimmer option.

The increasing demand for low power consumption camera lighting, coupled with improvements in LED technology, has led PAG to create a plug-in LED option for its 12V broadcast Paglight.

The LED Dimmer unit takes advantage of Paglights unique design concept - one light that embraces a range of lighting technologies by allowing separate lamp holders to be plugged into the rear of the lamp head. This has enabled PAG to create the first halogen, HMI and LED camera light - one light that provides the correct method of illumination for any professional news gathering or film production situation. Exchange between the different lighting technologies is quick, easy and safe.

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