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Stand M01 at BVE 2017 will be showing Crystal Vision's forward-looking Vision frame system which is now shipping, along with its initial core cards essential for any interface system including up and down converters, synchronisers, fibre optic transmitters and receivers, audio embedders/de-embedders and distribution amplifiers for analogue and digital video and audio. With its ability to work with higher bandwidth signals such as IP and 4K (as well as SDI), benefits offered by the Vision 3 frame include high packing density of up to 20 cards, numerous outputs and dual syncs distributed from the frame. Visitors to the London show will also be able to discuss Crystal Vision's unique approach to video over IP which has led to the development of flexible IP gateway products which will be housed in the Vision frame.

Four of the Vision cards are up and down converters, which have inherited the excellent output picture quality that leading broadcasters have traditionally standardised upon, as well as introducing some new benefits for the first time. UP-DOWN-A-VF, UP-DOWN-ATX-VF, UP-DOWN-AS-VF and UP-DOWN-ATXS-VF provide flexible conversions between SD, 720p, 1080i and 1080p and can perform two different conversions simultaneously and give out co-timed dual outputs. Including four group embedded audio handling as standard, the choice of features across the four versions includes AFD insertion and reading, audio routing, timecode conversion, teletext and closed captions handling, downstream video synchronisers and integrated fibre input/output connectivity. The UP-DOWN-VF range offers three advantages compared to Crystal Vision's previous up and down converters. The first is more outputs, largely due to the longer frame rear module with the two output banks each providing up to three feeds. Secondly the two synchronising versions take advantage of the dual syncs distributed from the frame, which results in both extra outputs and easier wiring, as it is only necessary to connect a reference signal to the frame rather than a reference signal to each card. Finally the UP-DOWN-VF range offer more features for money.

Working with 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources and both AES and analogue audio, SYNNER-VF combines a video synchroniser, tracking audio delay and embedder/de-embedder to simplify system designs and save engineers money and rack space. SYNNER-VF is perfect for any signal timing applications, including those where external analogue or digital audio needs to be embedded or de-embedded such as on the station output, station input or before a studio mixer. SYNNER-VF can synchronise video containing a mixture of Dolby E and linear AES within the same audio group and auto-correct timing errors with the guardband. Other features include full audio routing, audio and video processing, flexible delay compensation plus fibre input/output connectivity. SYNNER-VF offers four advantages compared to Crystal Vision's previous synchronisers. Firstly, it gives more video outputs thanks to the longer frame rear modules combined with the fact that the reference signal does not need to be connected via the rear module. Up to three 3Gb/s, HD or SD outputs are available for those using 110 ohm AES or analogue audio, with up to four video outputs (three BNC plus one fibre) for those using 75 ohm AES. Second advantage is that SYNNER-VF benefits from the common dual reference on the Vision 3 frame. Not only is it much easier to just connect a reference signal to the frame rather than a reference signal to each synchroniser card, it provides a backup syncs feed which can be automatically switched to should the main syncs fail. This feature also reduces overall system cost as there is no need to put in analogue video DAs to supply multiple reference signals. Third advantage is that the Vision 3 frame includes complimentary SNMP control and monitoring as standard particularly useful given SYNNER-VF's extensive signal monitoring. Finally, SYNNER-VF costs less than previous Crystal Vision synchronisers.

For those that don't need the synchronising features of SYNNER-VF, TANDEM10-VF is a dedicated audio embedder/de-embedder with the ability to embed and de-embed a mixture of up to four groups of AES and two groups of analogue audio at the same time.

Fibre optic transmitters and receivers have always been products that Crystal Vision traditionally sells in large quantities for transporting signals over large distances. FTX-VF is a dual channel 3G/HD/SD to fibre transmitter (allowing up to 40 channels in a frame), which can be used with single-mode or multi-mode fibre and meets the SMPTE 297-2006 short-haul specification. There are two input loop-throughs per channel (useful for distributing the input video or system checking), while full DVB-ASI compatibility and the ability to fit CWDM lasers to allow many signals to be transmitted down a single fibre link increases the flexibility of the product. FRX-VF is the dual channel fibre to 3G/HD/SD receiver from the Vision range, with the two SDI outputs per channel allowing it to potentially double as a distribution amplifier.

Also on show at BVE will be the four distribution amplifiers from the Vision range, for the distribution of digital video (the 3GDA-VF), analogue video (the VDA-VF), digital audio (the DADA-VF) and analogue audio (the AADA-VF). These distribution amplifiers provide the most outputs ever offered by Crystal Vision, as well as numerous other benefits including remote control as standard.

Crystal Vision will also be showing products from the well-established Indigo system which offers a choice of three frame sizes and 75 interface and keying products, including the company's popular chroma keyers, logo keyers and video delays.

Based at Whittlesford near Cambridge in the UK and providing a full range of interface and keyers, Crystal Vision helps people transition through a range of technologies from SD to HD and from HD to IP.

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Submitted by Sarah Sales (Crystal Vision Ltd.)
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Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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