CODEX Media Vault Brings Efficiency and Collaboration to Design at KT Design Company

Date: 15/05/2020
CODEX Media Vault Brings Efficiency and Collaboration to Design at KT Design Company

When you introduce a new product to a mass audience at a sporting event or concert and you want your brand to be remembered and your product to be desired, who do you call? The top brands from the National Hockey League to Red Bull, and the Chicago Bulls, all start with Kristin Territo, owner of KT Design Company.

KT Design Company (KTDC) is a multimedia digital agency based in Miami, Florida that provides full-service premium production for sports presentation, event production and global brands. KTDC creates content that engages, captivates, connects, and inspires. They offer extensive experience in high production value motion graphics, animation and management of the creative process. Their unique production sets, graphic campaigns and videos can be seen on major networks and are on display inside of NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA and MLS Stadiums across America. With a reputation for excellence and passion, KT Design Company aims to elevate brands around the world.

Ever been to a sports arena for a hockey game or concert? The venues are laid out with multiple high-resolution video displays and 360-degree LED boards that wrap entire sections of the stadiums. Digital signage in the 21st century doesn’t mean a 16:9 monitor but rather 9:16 displays with content that needs to rotate and scale on the fly while respecting the brands identity and conveying the ideas and creative input brought on by the KT Design Company team.

The goal that binds the work at KTDC and what motivates their design efforts, is finding the smartest solution for each project. Kristin’s team creates a unique strategy for each of their client partners by deeply understanding the brands of the clients, their goals and their audience. While some of their clients simply desire impactful motion graphics to enhance their own digital platforms, others require a full package from ideation to execution and management of the entire creative process. KTDC works directly with each client, providing à la carte services, plus customized solutions that respond to the particular needs of each production and venue.

In order to provide the highest quality product for their clients, KTDC has maintained the essence of a boutique agency whose mission is quality over quantity. While all of their client projects are managed in-house, Kristin’s team will often collaborate with trusted remote freelancers on larger scale productions. For their in-house collaboration, KT Design Company recently introduced CODEX Media Vault into their creative pipeline to help manage the storage and access of their creative assets for the animation team.

Per Kristin, “Prior to implementing Media Vault into our everyday workflow, KTDC utilized an online cloud storage solution. While this worked well initially, the scale of our projects became more and more demanding and we realized that an online cloud solution just wasn’t cutting it. In 2019, for one of our client's campaign launches, we created and delivered nearly 4,000 pieces of content in less than 30 days. As our projects grew in size, we found it increasingly important to have not only a shared storage solution but one with the capabilities of adding and supporting more users as KTDC grows as a company. Having a solution like Media Vault has allowed our animators to work more efficiently as a team and has made it easier than ever before to collaborate on the same projects.”

To produce the stunning motion graphic packages designed specifically for the venue’s digital signage requirements, KTDC uses a variety of tools to design and create those awesome packages. Adobe Creative Cloud being the most widely used, along with Cinema 4D on macOS in conjunction with CODEX Media Vault. Kristin notes that having the ability to support both macOS and Windows is important for a shared storage solution, as some clients require encoded files generated on software applications that are Windows compatible only. In addition, the KTDC IT Manager can utilize Windows and Terminal applications when setting up, configuring and troubleshooting the server.

When asking Kristin about the future of her company while continuing to support clients remotely she replied, “With the exponential pace of technology, it’s difficult to predict where and how the creative industry will change in terms of its demands. Will creative programs begin to focus more on generative content vs traditional assets, leading to fewer asset files and larger project files? How will that change our workflow here at KTDC? We can't say at this point. The only thing we do know is that reliability and ease of use will always be at the forefront of our demands as we grow into other solutions in the foreseeable future.

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Broadpeak Makes High-Quality 5G Video Experiences a Reality With MobiledgeX Edge Compute Infrastructure Posted: 02/06/2020
Broadpeak Makes High-Quality 5G Video Experiences a Reality With MobiledgeX Edge Compute Infrastructure

Broadpeak®, a leading provider of content delivery network (CDN) and video streaming solutions for content providers and pay-TV operators worldwide, today announced its 5G video work with MobiledgeX, Inc., a Deutsche Telekom-founded company making the edge widely available and easier to access. Broadpeak has deployed its virtual BroadCache Box local caching technology for mobile networks via the MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud platform that aggregates more than a dozen global mobile networks to expose one common interface to developers. As part of MobiledgeX's early access program, Broadpeak has successfully tested its virtual BroadCache Box applications on MobiledgeX's federation of edge networks, demonstrating the ability to reduce video delivery costs and improve QoE for mobile video delivered over 5G networks.

When video content is streamed from a location closer to end users, latency and network congestion are reduced, resulting in higher video bit rates, faster start times, and uninterrupted viewing sessions. By using Broadpeak's virtual BroadCache Box, content providers can significantly boost subscriber QoE for video delivered over next-gen mobile networks. This supports engagements with an expanding crop of OTT players eager to reach subscribers anywhere.


Tags: Broadpeak | 5G | MobiledgeX | Streaming | Solutions
Submitted by 202 Communications
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Riedel and RRN Deliver Remote Mastering Service for Live-Streamed Peter Maffay Concert Posted: 02/06/2020
Riedel and RRN Deliver Remote Mastering Service for Live-Streamed Peter Maffay Concert

Riedel Communications and Remote Recording Network (RRN) today announced their collaboration on a unique remote mastering service for a live-streamed concert performed by Peter Maffay and local musicians from Steintor-Varietè in Halle, Germany.

The special acoustic concert, which took place on April 13 (Easter Monday), was mixed on location by Werner Schmidl and, using RRN's Remote Mixing facility, mastered remotely by Peter Brandt from Studio Boecker in Cologne. Both locations were connected through the Riedel Remote Operations Center (ROC) in Wuppertal, which served as the communications and signal transmission hub of the operation. From there, ROC engineers monitored communications, remotely configured all signals, and transmitted all audio streams between venue and studio.

This method of communication and audio transmission was jointly developed by Riedel and Remote Music Productions, a subsidiary of RRN, and is setting standards for the production of high-quality, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective audio transmissions.

Tags: Riedel | Remote Recording Network | RRN | Live Stream | Peter Maffay | Concert
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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LiveU Launches the LU800 First Production-Level Field Unit Posted: 02/06/2020
LiveU Launches the LU800 and ndash; First Production-Level Field Unit

LiveU today unveiled its all-in-one production-level field unit for live news and sports coverage. The LU800 combines multi-camera production and superior video and audio capabilities with mission-critical transmission in a native 5G unit. Designed from the ground up to unlock 5G potential, the unit offers unparalleled quality of service and resiliency.

The LU800 supports up to four fully frame-synced feeds in high resolution from a single unit, using powerful IP bonding of up to 14 connections. The unit also offers the highest-quality video performance, with up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR transmission for optimal color depth and richness, as well as up to 16 audio channels for high-end productions.

Tags: 5G | cellular bonding | multi-camera | sports | LiveU Central
Submitted by Jump PR
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Erik aBlu2th Griggs Hears the Depths of His Mixes With KRK Systems Posted: 02/06/2020
Erik and ldquo;Blu2th and rdquo; Griggs Hears the Depths of His Mixes With KRK Systems

Multi-instrumentalist and multi-platinum Music Producer and Songwriter Erik “Blu2th” Griggs has become one of the most upwardly mobile producers in the game. A musician for “as long as he can remember,” Griggs is most well-known for writing and co-producing “No Air” by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown, as well as for his work on the “Dreamgirls” soundtrack. Over the past six years, Griggs has relied on a variety of KRK Systems studio monitors and subwoofers to take his music, sound and creativity to the next level. His love for the brand recently evolved when he upgraded to KRK’s latest generation 10-inch three-way powered mid-field studio monitors, the ROKIT 10-3 G4s.

Tags: KRK Systems | Music Production | Studio Monitors
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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Matthews New 40x40 Inch Flags and Floppies Add Portability Posted: 02/06/2020
Matthews and rsquo; New 40x40 Inch Flags and Floppies Add Portability


Matthews introduces a full 40”x40” line of Flags and Floppies. Offering the multitude of benefits for which Matthews is known, this practical size answers the need for gear that’s portable enough to travel in a hatchback car like a Prius and compact enough to work in nooks and crannies of a tight location like a bathroom corner. When it comes to cargo, the 40”x40” dimension easily fits standard shipping limits.

As Matthews’ resident Grip Martin Torner explains: “With the popularity of our 40”x40” Flag, we have added more flavors to this wonderfully dynamic dimension, including Full Silk, Floppy and the new Matthbounce Floppy. Like the 48x48”, the 40x40 is still a good size flag when it comes to usability, but less bulky.”

Like the larger versions, the new frames are built with the same rugged 3/8” stainless steel tubing that’s securely welded for long life. The Flags, Floppies and Silks are meticulously sewn in Matthew’s Southern California headquarters.

Tags: matthews | flags | grip | mse | studio | equipment | hollywood | floppies | production | california | gear | cinematography | cinematographer
Submitted by Matthews Studio Equipment
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Mo-Sys Launch U50 Remote Camera Control Head for Box Lenses Posted: 02/06/2020
Mo-Sys Launch U50 Remote Camera Control Head for Box Lenses

Mo-Sys Engineering, a global leader in real time camera tracking and remote systems, today announced the launch of U50. Designed and manufactured during the lockdown period, the U50 is a heavy-duty remote head that enables camera operators to safely return to work and control the biggest box lenses and heaviest broadcast camera set-ups remotely.

Offering the ultimate for camera remote control and remote production, U50 combats the current challenges and unique requirements in the Covid-19 affected world. Making it possible to operate large box lenses and cameras remotely, U50 achieves the same precision and agility when camera operators are controlling manually and on-site. With no other remote head capable of smoothly and quickly operating box lenses and with on-site production crews dramatically decreasing, this innovation offers a new solution to tackle current challenges.

Danny Zemanek, Freelance Camera Operator explained, “Previously remote production technology was an additional cost for broadcasters, but now it is essential to ensure camera operators can work safely. The U50 remote head from Mo-Sys represents a new way that operators can control big box lenses with the same precision and agility that we have come to expect.”

Tags: Mo-Sys | Camera Tracking | Remote Systems | U50 | Remote Head | Camera Control | Box Lenses | Remote Production | Backlash free drives | Telephoto lenses | U-shape space frame | Mo-sys TimeCam | Pan and tilt motors | high bandwidth | robotics | film remote heads
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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Quarantine Cook-along with AEG Posted: 02/06/2020
Quarantine Cook-along with AEG

Aiming to help inspire the increasing number of people in lockdown turning to cooking and baking, AEG collaborated with video production company Monarki Stockholm and Scandinavian Photo to help produce a multicam live stream cook-along show.

Tags: Blackmagic Design | Facebook Live | Live Streaming | AEG | Cooking | ATEM | ATEM Television Studio Pro HD
Submitted by Blackmagic design
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PSSI leverages C-band spectrum to engineer challenging transmission of The Match II Posted: 01/06/2020
PSSI leverages C-band spectrum to engineer challenging transmission of and lsquo;The Match II and rsquo;

With rainy weather all day and no fiber availability on-site, “The Match II” charity golf event presented a significant live broadcast transmission challenge. To support this event, which turned out to be the most-watched golf telecast in the history of cable television, PSSI Global Services provided several primary and backup paths, as well as data and internet via satellite, using C-band transmission vehicles.

Live from the Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida, “The Match II” featured Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in an event that raised $20 million for COVID-19 relief. Attracting a peak of 6.3 million viewers, “The Match II” aired on four channels in the U.S. and internationally on CNN International.

Tags: C-band | satellite transmission | teleport | The Match II | data services | live television
Submitted by PSSI Global Services
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AVer Europe CAM340+ Helps Small Business in Lockdown Posted: 01/06/2020
AVer Europe CAM340+ Helps Small Business in Lockdown

AVer Europe, a leading manufacturer of video conferencing solutions, is enabling small businesses to survive and thrive during lockdown. Surrey-based personal training company Marek’s Fitness is utilising the premium quality and wide angle capability of AVer Europe’s CAM340+ camera to provide training and group classes, which has enabled the company to maintain and grow its client base internationally.

Marek’s Fitness made all personal and group training classes virtual a few days before lockdown to ensure the health and wellbeing of clients. It quickly became apparent that a laptop camera or a typical USB web camera was inadequate, both for sound and vision.

Tags: camera; small business; livestreaming
Submitted by brookscomm
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Custom Consoles Module-R Desks and MediaWalls Chosen for Fidelity International Posted: 01/06/2020
Custom Consoles Module-R Desks and MediaWalls Chosen for Fidelity International

Custom Consoles announces the completion of two studio control desks and MediaWall monitor displays for a new UHD production facility at the London headquarters of Fidelity International. Supervised by systems integration specialist ATG Danmon, the project formed part of Fidelity's relocation to new premises in the centre of the city's financial district. The studios will be used for a range of applications including participation in finance-related broadcasts.

"We recommended Module-R and MediaWall on the basis of long experience with both product ranges," comments ATG Danmon Managing Director Russell Peirson-Hagger. "Their inherent modularity allowed us to specify exactly the required parameters in the full knowledge that the results would be robustly built, ergonomically sound, attractively styled, accurately sized and easy to install."

Largest of the two desks is a six metre wide in-line unit positioned along the main wall of the Studio 1 production gallery. This is configured for use by up to six operators including camera shading, robotic camera control, lighting control, graphic effects, vision mixing and control room to studio talkback. Sloping 3U high equipment pods run almost the entire width of this desk. All equipment above and below the main worktop remains easily accessible.




Tags: ustom Consoles Ltd | broadcast control room furniture | motorised desks | manually-adjustable desks | sound-insulated equipment housings | MediaWall | Media Wall | monitor walls | post-production studio furniture | System Two control room furniture | Module-R | Modu
Submitted by Stylus Media Communications
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Grass Valley Launches the GVX Customer Council Posted: 01/06/2020
Grass Valley Launches the and ldquo;GVX and rdquo; Customer Council

Grass Valley underlines its leadership in driving innovation through collaboration with the launch of GVX, a council of customers selected from the media industry’s most influential technologists and business leaders. This group of key leaders will work closely with Grass Valley executives to move media technology innovation forward in a mutually beneficial fashion, providing the industry with solutions that are perfectly matched with the increasing demands placed on content producers and distributors.

The GVCustomer Council launches with many key influencers on board, including Dave Mazza from NBC Sports, Del Parks from Sinclair Broadcast Group, Helen Clifton from ABC Australia, Mauricio Felix from Globo, Ruba Ibrahim from Al Arabiya Network, Scott Rothenburg from NEP, and Gordon Castle from Discovery.

Tags: Grass Valley
Submitted by Platform Communications
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A1now selects Vionlabs and rsquo; AI-powered solution for personalized viewing recommendations Posted: 01/06/2020
A1now selects Vionlabs and rsquo; AI-powered solution for personalized viewing recommendations


Vionlabs, the industry leading provider of AI-powered content analysis, today announced that its Content Analysis Platform has been chosen by A1 to provide content recommendations on its streaming service A1now. Through the deep insight provided by Vionlabs’ Content Analysis Platform, A1now will be able to understand why customers like certain programming and hence provide personalized viewing recommendations.

The vast content libraries available through streaming services means that the ease with which audiences can find relevant content is now critically important for streaming companies wanting to attract and retain subscribers. With the online video market being so competitive, media companies can get an edge through a better understanding of what makes shows appealing to viewers. By leveraging Vionlabs’ Content Analysis Platform, A1now will boost consumers viewing time by providing a personalized UI and more relevant video recommendations.

Tags: Vionlabs
Submitted by Platform Communications
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TVU Networks and rsquo; New Feature for Social Production Enables Real-time Virtual Communication and Interaction Among Production Crew and Talent Posted: 29/05/2020
TVU Networks and rsquo; New Feature for Social Production Enables Real-time Virtual Communication and Interaction Among Production Crew and Talent

With Partyline from TVU Networks call participants can achieve a unique level of communication and interaction from remote locations as though they were in the same physical studio while producing live and pre-recorded programming. Partyline enables production personnel, talent and tools to collaborate remotely in real time with full HD video quality and perfectly synchronized audio and video. Partyline is making its debut as an integrated part of award-winning TVU Producer, a simple and scalable cloud-based solution for broadcast quality production and will also be incorporated within the TVU ecosystem for use with other TVU solutions.

“The global COVID pandemic has shifted the dynamic of TV production collaboration, requiring talent and technical staff to produce programming from their living rooms,” explains TVU Networks’ CEO Paul Shen. “Professional broadcasters require the ability to interact in real-time while producing programs in fully synchronized and broadcast quality audio and video. When achieved, that’s what we’re calling social production. It should be as close to in-person communication and interaction as possible. Producers shouldn’t have to settle for something that makes creating their important work more cumbersome.”

Tags: remote production | video over ip | TVU Networks | IP
Submitted by Pipeline Communications
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The Mandalorian is about the travels of a lone bounty hunter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic. It is the backstory vision of George Lucas’, to the Star Wars bounty hunter theme that tied together Boba Fett and Hans Solo in the epic tale of Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. The vision was brought to life by series creator and Executive Producer Jon Favreau.With season 2 production just wrapping in early February and the post-production currently underway, with automated VFX pulls being delivered by FotoKem, and the final finishing being done at Company 3, Disney+ hopes to continue the momentum of this premier franchise that helped launch their streaming service last year.

Tags: CODEX | The Mandalorian | Eduardo Eguia
Submitted by Bubble Agency
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AJA Announces Ki Pro Ultra 12G Posted: 28/05/2020
AJA Announces Ki Pro Ultra 12G

AJA Video Systems has announced Ki Pro Ultra 12G, a new single-channel 4K/UltraHD recorder and player or four-channel HD recorder, featuring 12G-SDI connectivity with a host of unique and powerful features. Ki Pro Ultra 12G offers single-channel 4K/UltraHD up to 50/60p recording and playback to and from Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR, with flexible connectivity options including 12G-SDI, HDMI v2.0 and optional Fiber input and outputs. Alternatively Ki Pro Ultra 12G provides up to four channels of simultaneous HD recording up to 1080 50/60p with independent ProRes profiles per channel. Ki Pro Ultra 12G is available today through AJA’s worldwide network for $3,995 US MSRP. For more information, visit:

Tags: AJA | AJA Video Systems | Ki Pro Ultra 12G | Recorder | Player | Digital Recorder | File-based Recorder | 12G | 12G-SDI | 4K | UltraHD
Submitted by AJA Video Systems
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