Mo-Sys Creates Spectacle for Live Music Extravaganza Posted: 25/11/2020
Mo-Sys Creates Spectacle for Live Music Extravaganza

Mo-Sys Engineering, a world leader in precision camera tracking solutions for virtual studios and augmented reality, took a central role in the Covid-safe production of a live online entertainment awards show. Normally held in a stadium venue, this year production company and media technologists Bild Studios used virtual reality with the intent of keeping the same scope and excitement as any physical show in the past.

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London-based Bild Studios invest in the latest disguise flagship hardware Posted: 25/10/2019
London-based Bild Studios invest in the latest disguise flagship hardware

disguise studio partner and workflow specialists,Bild Studios share how disguise has enabled them to create amazing live experiences and why they have invested in the new gx 2c hardware.

Bild is a London-based visual engineering studio and well renowned in the industry for helping to create spectacular live experiences, such as The Opening Ceremony for the Pakistan Super League, where 50 minutes of AR graphics replaced traditional pre-rendered content that usually is mapped onto projection surfaces or LED screens inside the venue.

Founders David Bajt and Rowan Pitts have been working with disguise for over 10 years, delivering hundreds of software training sessions globally, while also using the technology on some of their most ambitious projects.

Originally part of United Visual Artists, David and Rowan have been among some of the earliest adopters of thedisguise technology, having worked together on projects such as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Tour in 2011, Coachella 2011, Coldplay’s ‘Sky Full of Stars’ music video, before finally opening their own consultingstudios in 2014.

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