Junger Audio Brings a Host of New Developments to IBC Posted: 09/08/2017
Those interested in audio processing should make a beeline to Junger Audios stand 10.A49 where the emphasis is on networked audio.
Tags: Junger Audio | IBC | Netbridge | Easy loudness | Level Magic | audio processor | Monitoring | Authoring | immersive audio | C8000 | C8315 | C8316 | Dante | MADI | IBC 2017 | IBC 2017
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Pixelogic-Dolby Collaboration Yields End-to-End Compression and Authoring Pipeline for Dolby Vision Posted: 06/07/2017

Pixelogic, the innovative global provider of localization and distribution services, has announced its full integration of Dolby Vision¢ compression and authoring capabilities. This industry first is the result of a collaboration between Pixelogic and Dolbys engineering teams. As a part of the collaboration with Dolby, Pixelogic developed a range of Dolby Vision production tools as well as a new, end-to-end compression and authoring pipeline tailored and optimized for Dolby Vision.    

Tags: pixelogic | dolby | dolby vision | authoring | compression
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Junger Audio Unveils Audio Monitoring and Authoring Tools For Immersive 3D Audio at IBC 2015 Posted: 22/07/2015

As the prospect of immersive multichannel 3D audio gains momentum around the world, Jnger Audio has positioned itself at the forefront of these developments by providing vital quality control tools for this exciting new format.

Tags: Junger Audio | Immersive Audio | Monitoring and Authoring | Loudness Control | MPEG-H TV | Dolby Immersive Audio
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Orad Makes After Effects Part of the 3D Scenery Posted: 02/09/2014

Orad will unveil at IBC2014 its new 3Designer Adobe After Effects (AE) plugin. The unique 3Designer plugin lets graphics artists easily bring common AE design elements such as keyframed animations, textures and materials into the powerful Orad 3Designer authoring software. The new integration also allows users to assign data exports from within AE, ensuring templates created in AE receive data updates while on-air with real-time data. Orads new integration elminates a critical gap in the graphics production workflow, comments Avi Sharir, CEO and president, Orad. Until now, After Effects designers would create motion graphics primarily for pre-visualization and post-production. For on-air broadcasts, these designs would have to be re-created in the authoring software. With the new 3Designer plugin, artists can export AE projects into 3Designer. There is no need to recreate elements, thus saving a tremendous amount of time.Thanks to the 3Designer plugin, Adobe After Effects scene elements can be opened directly inside Orads 3Designer authoring software where additional edits can be made and sent to air.

Tags: Orad | IBC2014 | After Effects | Adobe | 3Designer | authoring software | graphics | broadcast
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