New products at NAB 2017 for Transvideo and Aaton Digital Posted: 30/03/2017

Sister companies Transvideo and Aaton Digital will both show new products for the cinematography and broadcast industries at NAB 2017

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Transvideo and Aaton Digital will both show new products at Cabsat 2017 Posted: 07/03/2017

Transvideo will show the new StarliteRF-a, a wireless monitor with advanced camera control capabilities that can remotely control key functions of the ARRI ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras. The kit consists of a StarliteRF-a monitor-recorder and a TitanHD2 Tx-a that connects to the EXT socket of the ARRI cameras via a specific cable provided. You will have a hand held lightweight, high quality monitor receiving the camera picture wirelessly, and you can adjust key camera functions wirelessly by return to the camera. The camera functions are accessed via the monitors touch screen. You also have the ability to record and play back clips via the inbuilt recorder, which can be set up to record automatically when the camera records.

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Transvideo is proud to have been chosen to receive the prestigious Cinec Award this year for its StarliteHD5-ARRI monitor-recorder in the category of Camera Technology / New Digital Capturing Tools. The Cinec Award is a unique prize for outstanding achievements and innovations in the fields of motion-picture technology and postproduction. The prizes were judged during the Cinec Expo in Munich by industry experts that included Hollywood cameraman Klemens Becker and lighting director Stuart Gain.

Tags: Transvideo | Cinec | Cinec Award | Cinec Award 2016 | ARRI | Starlite HD5-ARRI | monitor | monitor-recorder | Jacques Delacoux | Aaton-Digital | ARRI ALEXA Mini | ARRI AMIRA
Submitted by Mel Noonan, Stylus MC
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Dont miss seeing Transvideos latest and greatest products on show at BVE Expo 2016.


After attracting much attention at BSC Expo and Micro-Salon in Paris, the new wireless transmission solution from Transvideo, StarliteRF will be available to try hands-on at BVE.  This 5 3G-SDI touch screen OLED wireless monitor- recorder with built-in receiver gives great versatility and the possibility to use it in many different ways.

Tags: Transvideo | BVE | BVE 2016 | BVE Expo | StarliteRF | StargateFHD | Emily Jane Robinson | Emmyland | ARRI | ALEXA | ALEXA Mini | focus puller | record dailies | Steadicam | Gimbal | 4K | cinematography | broadcast | StarliteHD5 ARRI
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Transvideo launches the StarliteRF at IBC2015 and presents an impressive line up of StarliteHD 5 OLED monitors, resulting from collaboration with cinematographers and manufacturers Posted: 07/09/2015

Transvideo will launch the StarliteRF at IBC 2015, a 5 OLED wireless monitor based on StarliteHD5 core technologies with an inbuilt wireless receiver. It completes the line-up of StarliteHD monitors. Small and lightweight, it operates on the 5.8Ghz ISM band, has a top mounted antenna, and a Sony consumer battery connection at the back. The wireless video connectivity incorporated is without latency, with low loss and with no delay. The range is 200 feet (61 m). See it on the Transvideo stand 11.F31 at IBC.

Tags: Transvideo | IBC | IBC 2015 | Jacques Delacoux | StarliteRF | StarliteHD | OLED | StarliteHD5-ARRI | ARRI | ARRI ALEXA Mini | StarliteRF | wireless monitor | ARRI AMIRA | PACK StarliteHD5 | RainbowFHD | RainbowFHD+ | LensReader | CineMultiTrack | Karine Fouque | IBC 2015
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Transvideo and Aaton Digital announce new technologies and celebrate 30 years of innovation and expertise at IBC 2015 Posted: 07/09/2015
At IBC 2015 both Transvideo and Aaton Digital will present new products incorporating latest technologies for the motion picture and broadcast industries, resulting from a collaboration with many cinematographers, camera and lens manufacturers and sound engineers. The connectivity of these products with 

Tags: Transvideo | Aaton Digital | IBC | IBC 2015 | Jacques Delacoux | StaliteHD | StarliteHD5 ARRI | ARRI ALEXA Mini | ARRI AMIRA | StarliteRF | OLED | wireless monitor | RainbowFHD | LensReader | CineMultiTrack | RainbowFHD+ | CANTAREM 2 | Modular Bag | Rain Poncho | CantarX3 | Karine Fouque | IBC 2015
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PAG slims down with new L90 battery Posted: 27/08/2015

At IBC PAG will show its new L90 Slim Battery, designed for use with the Arri Mini Alexa and other small cameras.

The PAG L90 Slim offers a low-profile form factor and lightweight construction which make it ideal for use with small cameras, especially when mounted to gimbals or drones.

Tags: battery | power | arri alexa mini | IBC 2015 | IBC 2015
Submitted by PAG (UK) Ltd
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Codex Delivers Recording And Workflow For ARRI ALEXA MINI Posted: 23/02/2015

Codex (, the industry leader in high-end digital recording and workflow equipment for motion picture and TV production, has once again collaborated with ARRI to develop the recording and workflow system for an exciting new addition to the ALEXA family the ALEXA Mini.

Tags: Codex | Codex Digital | ARRI | ARRI Alexa | Alexa Mini | ARRIRAW | workflow | record
Submitted by Prince PR
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