Primestream to highlight next-generation Dynamic Media Management platform at SET with AD Digital Posted: 07/08/2017

At SET Show in So Paulo, Brazil on August 22-24, Primestream® will showcase the next-generation of its Dynamic Media Management platform, engineered to handle the entire media ecosystem, from capture through delivery.

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Colin Broad launches TMC-1 Monitor Remote for Avids Pro Tools XMON Posted: 18/12/2014

CB Electronics has launched the TMC-1 Remote for Avids Pro Tools XMON analogue monitoring unit, providing input selection, listen back, talk back and output selection for up to 8 audio channels via three easily accessible screens.

Colin Broad, founder of CB Electronics said XMON is a powerful monitoring solution provided you have Pro-Control, Protools' hardware interface. Our new TMC-1 allows you to use the XMON unit where you are working with a DAW alone, or with a different console when you need a comprehensive monitoring solution.

Tags: CB Electronics | Colin Broad | Broad Boxes | AVID | Protools | XMON | TMC-1 | monitor remote | Pro-Control | ADR | ISDN | MIDI | Tonmeister Tagung | DAD | Digital Audio Denmark | DAW | S6 | Satis-Fecit
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OConnors 2575D supports a hectic schedule for Til Schweigers Films Kokowh 2 and Schutzengel Posted: 12/06/2013
Australian DP Adrian Cranage lived through some eventful months in 2012. Together with actor and director Til Schweiger, the DP made two films back to back: Schutzengel and Kokowh 2. Adrian Cranage used his 2575D fluid head by OConnor, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, to contribute to the successful films. "Without my well-coordinated team and OConnor, our project would not have been possible," says the experienced cinematographer.
Tags: OConnor | Vitec Videocom | Vitec Group | Adrian Cranage | Til Schweiger | Schutzengel | Kokowh | 2575 D | fluid head | tripod head | digitally | digital shoot | ARRI Alexas | Canon EOS | 7Ds | GoPros | sinaCam | fingercam | Phantom | helicopter | RED | Panavision Frontbox | pan-and-tilt damping | easy balancing | sinusoidal counterbalance | Holly Fink | digital production | ARRI Webgate | Warner Brothers | Camerimage Festival | 16:9
Submitted by Sommer Kommunikation
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