Peli presents Its Slimmest AAA ATEX Zone 0 and 1 Torches: 1975Z0 and 1975Z1 LED Penlights Posted: 28/11/2018
Peli presents Its Slimmest AAA ATEX Zone 0 and amp;1 Torches: 1975Z0 and amp; 1975Z1 LED Penlights

Peli Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced portable lighting tools, has introduced its slimmest AAA ATEX safety certified torches - the Peli 1975Z0 & 1975Z1 LED penlights. These compact and handy torches are designed for use in hazardous areas where explosive atmospheres could be present, such as oil & gas, petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical companies, petrol stations, power plants and for professionals working in fire & rescue brigades, aircraft inspection/aviation and production plants on chemical sites.

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