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KitPlus TV: What is vMix and how does vMix work. Tim Vandenberg

On KitPlus TV today we interview Tim Vandenberg from vMix and discover where vMix began, the plans for the future and how 2020 has been for them.

We discuss the current situation as it is, and what is likely to be the future for live video streaming solutions. There are a number of choices out there, all of which vary in ability, stability and importantly cost.

KitPlus chose to use vMix for a recent industry live stream event because it's a software solution, it doesn't need bespoke hardware, is stable and reliable, with a massive catalogue of training videos and an ever increasing support network... and it's great value for money.

Find out what's on the horizon for vMix, why they're so successful and what you could be doing during lockdown.

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