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KitPlus TV: Vislink launches the Mobile Viewpoint Stellar Cam for AI in sports production

Vislink have just released the Mobile Viewpoint Stellar Cam, a camera designed for artificial intelligence (AI)-powered live sports production. Stellar Cam is a new addition to the range of cameras offered by Vislink to fulfil the need for automatic coverage of demanding sports. It is exceptionally durable and weatherproofed, and features ultra-high resolution, high frame rates and zooming capabilities to capture action as it happens on the field of play.
Today we chat to Michel Bais about the current and future of AI in sports production and where the new Stellar Cam fits in to the market.

00:00:00 Intro to AI cameras for live sports
00:00:25 Current postion of AI in sports production
00:01:09 Who is the target market for AI in sports?
00:02:08 The new camera, tell us all about it!
00:02:59 How does the AI work?
00:04:27 What is the advantage of an AI camera?
00:06:11 Where do you see the future of AI
00:07:02 Mobile Viewpoint and Vislink together in the future
00:08:24 How do i get started with AI in my sports production?

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