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KitPlus TV: Video over IP with Dante AV

Today we're talking to JJ and Matthew Fletcher from HHB about Dante AV. Take a look at the chapter sections below:-

00:00:00 Introduction to Dante AV
00:01:11 How ready is Dante AV?
00:02:01 Dante AV vs. NDI - what's the difference?
00:02:52 Dante AV frame rates / resolutions
00:03:33 Dante AV feature set
00:04:58 Dante AV applications
00:07:01 Remote working with Dante AV
00:09:59 What hardware is available for Dante AV
00:11:24 Dante AV support and training

KitPlus TV is supported by Mediaproxy, the global leader in compliance and logging solutions.

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