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KitPlus TV: The KitPlus Tv Guests of Season 2

Season 2 of KitPlus TV has been running from October through to December and at the end of each of our guest interviews we dig a bit deeper to find out about the person behind the technology. Always insightful, conversation provoking and sometimes jaw dropping but more often than not the studio erupts in laughter as we learn things about our industry friends that you would have never imagined!

In this short highlights show we hear about ladybirds, walruses, boxing, running, painting, gardening, mechanics, saving lives, dancing, game shows, racing, tax inspecting, nicknames, Olympians, cooking and we had no idea the industry was so musically talented, well most of them anyway!

Check out Shure UK, AJA, LWKS, GBLabs, Lesspain, Hollyland, Canon UK, LiveU, Boxer, Digibox, Hedge, JVC, Inovativ, Nugen Audio, Holdan, Panasonic UK, Sony, Southport FC, Clear-Com, Mediaproxy, Tokina, V-Nova, Ross Video, Canford, IABM, K-Tek, NXTEdition, DedoTV, Apantac, Pliant Technologies, Calrec, EVS, Rascular, Storage DNA, Polecam, Fujinon, Polar Graphics, Simon Says and Global Distribution.

Thank you to everyone who came on a show and shared their secrets, thank you also to all the companies who have supported the show in 2020 and of course thank you for watching.

KitPlus TV is supported by Mediaproxy, the global leader in compliance and logging solutions.

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