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KitPlus TV: Skaarhoj Blue Pill at NAB 2022

At NAB we catch up with Skaarhoj and look at the new Blue Pill which enhances the UniSketch ecosystem by combining multiple controllers into a single seamless controller. As an example, you can take a PTZ Pro and combine with a Frame Shot and have the Frame Shot show thumbnails for your preset recalls. The selected camera on the PTZ Pro will drive the preset selection on the Frame Shot because to Blue Pill they are essentially just one single panel.

Blue Pill talks to UniSketch panels via the Raw Panel device core on UniSketch. This device core has been around for a long time as a way for third party developers to interface with UniSketch controllers. With this road tested technology, Blue Pill simply takes control over the UniSketch panels and offers unprecedented possibilities that UniSketch could never do on its own

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