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KitPlus TV: KitPlus TV News - 21st February 2023

In this week’s news we look at POV cameras, wireless intercom, encoders / decoders, virtual shooting, data management, audio consistency, video production... First up we talk about a recent project with Kean University, where Horizon AVL used Marshall Electronics' (0:50) CV380 POV cameras to improve the learning, broadcast, and competition experience in the university's new esports centre.

Riedel Communications (1:21) has supported the University of Georgia (UGA) Bulldogs as they won back-to-back College Football Playoff National Championships since switching to Riedel’s intercom systems three years ago, Angekis Technology (1:51) highlighted the release of 4 new cameras at ISE 2023 and another at ISE, the Pro Convert Audio DX multi-format IP audio encoder, decoder, and capture device from Magewell (2:22) was honoured as a Mix "Best of Show" Award winner.

We are joined with Mr Mxf (2:48) again this week where he talks about the Greening of Streaming association and sustainability in the industry.

Globecast (4:08) has announced that it is significantly expanding its European fibre backbone to 100G from March this year and Mo-Sys Engineering (4:30) will be demonstrating a new hybrid approach to final pixel (ICVFX) virtual shooting at the HPA Tech Retreat (booth 720).

Spectra Logic (5:23) has announced a modern archive solution for organisations, Densitron (5:55) has announced the sale of its IDS Control System with URready 2RU X86 touchscreen control surface to Asuhirac and Cinegy (6:15) has released Cinegy Air version 22.12, a major upgrade on the current (21.9) version.

Studio Technologies (6:57) has announced the Model 545DC and Model 545DR Intercom Interfaces and CJP Broadcast Service Solutions (7:33) has delivered a complete virtual studio with motion capture facilities for the University of Sunderland.

Emotion Systems (8:12) has addressed the critical challenge of ensuring audio consistency and quality in bulk content ingest. FOR-A (8:34) and automation provider Aveco have entered a strategic alliance to provide video production, automation, and asset management within one easy-to-use and cost effective solution.

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