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KitPlus TV: KitPlus Show Glasgow 2024: Balancing Work, Skills, Workflows & Sustainability

Lisa Collins (Moderator), Amy Shaw (BECTU), Lucy Lake (QTV), Alison Goring (NFTS Scotland), Steven Reilly (BBC Scotland)

Join us for an engaging panel debate as we explore the critical challenges and opportunities shaping the future of the broadcast industry. Our expert panel will delve into the pressing issues of work-life balance, addressing why the demanding hours deter many from pursuing careers in production.

We'll examine the current skills gap and discuss the necessity of hands-on training combined with academic knowledge for success in this dynamic field. Additionally, the session will highlight the importance of the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) agenda in fostering a sustainable and inclusive industry. Discover strategies for attracting new talent and ensuring a vibrant future

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