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KitPlus TV: IBC 2021 : Will it happen? Mike Crimp CEO of IBC tells all.

With a hopeful relaunch of live events in 2021 we talk to Mike Crimp, CEO of IBC about the appetite in the industry for a physical show this year.

During the chat we cover the following topics:

What measures will be implemented to ensure people will feel safe attending a physical show, how will IBC deliver an engaging 'hybrid event' with both physical and digital offerings and have there been any lessons learned about digital/hybrid events over the past year that might that affect planning for a hybrid offering this year?

We also asked how the revised NAB dates for October just a month after the planned IBC show affecting exhibitors, and the recent appointment of John Honeycutt as IBC Council Chair – what will he bring to the role and how will he help drive momentum and engagement this year.

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