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KitPlus TV: Helping create more compelling content easily using software, hardware, AI, automation, and more…

Today’s guest makes life easier for broadcasters, whether it’s sports (of all levels), education, town halls, and house of worship, aquariums and zoos… Much of which is run by volunteers and all operated by NON broadcast trained operators.

Helping people create more compelling content using software, hardware, AI, automation, and much more… So we welcomed back Graham Sharp from BroadcastPix with some more insight into what they’re witnessing in the market today, talked about the proliferation of video production and streaming, the move to IP and hybrid technology, and how they’re serving this new growing market with products that are easy to install & use and enable the creation of content with high production values

We also asked if Graham’s Crystal ball was seeing anything interesting!

KitPlus TV is supported by Mediaproxy, the global leader in compliance and logging solutions.

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