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LENSES, LIGHTING £ 1200 £ 1950 JVC » DT-E17L4G SONY » PVM 2541 CONDITION New SELLER WTS Broadcast CONDITION Used SELLER Thameside Broadcast ITEM ID 175954 CONTACT 02036671921 ITEM ID 177918 CONTACT 01932 240305 JVC developed the DT-E Series of HD monitors to provide a cost-effective alternative to its DT-VG1 high-end monitors.The DT-E series features a TN Panel with LED backlights which provide improved contrast and black level and are perfect for use as control and studio monitors. The DT-E Series monitors also come complete with free calibration software to aid in achieving £ 13300 Very nice monitor.Excellent condition £ 3000 Panasonic » TH-103PF12E 103” 1080p Sony » PVM A250 CONDITION Used SELLER ITinStock CONDITION Used SELLER Thameside Broadcast ITEM ID 177541 CONTACT 02088821111 ITEM ID 177917 CONTACT 01932 240305 In good condition and in full working orderWas previously used in the offices of a company in the city of London which closed and had low usageINCLUDED 1 x Panasonic TH-103PF12E 103” 1080P Full HD HDMI High Definition Plasma LCD Display (costed £48,000 + VAT)1 x Screenlifter 103 motorised Stand (costed £15,000 + VAT)full specs at £ 3995 SONY PVM A250 OLED MONITOR VERY GOOD CONDITION £ 40000 Aluminium Body Corp USA » Expanding Side Trailer Sony » BVM-E170 CONDITION Used SELLER ES Broadcast CONDITION Used SELLER Onvision ITEM ID 178514 CONTACT 01923 650 080 ITEM ID 169932 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 Monitor £ 23000 3 main areas - Sound - Production - Vision/VT/Engineering.The body was built in 1995 by the Aluminum Body Corp. of Montebello, California and spent most of its life in Atlanta, Georgia. It was imported into the UK in November 2009 and modified by Hind and Bendells of Carlisle to make it legal for use in Europe. This involved replacing the chassis with one from a 1998 £ POA Sony » BVM-X300 Daf » CF Left Hand Drive CONDITION New SELLER ES Broadcast CONDITION Used SELLER Onvision ITEM ID 178542 CONTACT 01923 650 080 ITEM ID 172459 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 Monitor This multifunctional HD Outside Broadcast Vehicle is designed and built for productions up to 14 cameras. Modern Setup and comprehensive Vehicle External Panel ensures easy connection to other OB units. These features enable a major production up to 20 cameras and more. Aprox seating for 18 production personnel. 3 Main areas - Production - Vision control - Sound . This