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them out on a laptop which was linked via HDMI to the participants’ TVs for the shoot. The team recorded five days a week with thirteen households all over Ireland and turnaround time between the programmes being recorded and shown to participants was often as little as 24 hours. At the end of each shoot day the footage from that day’s recordings were driven back to Screen Scene for post. “Forscene was an invaluable tool during the production,” said Karen Reen, production manager at Kite Entertainment. “It improved our workflow and saved us valuable time in the field and during post.” enough to establish the story and get to the part that the producers believed would elicit interesting reactions from the households. These segments were then cut together and published as an MPEG 4 from Forscene, before being compressed further and shared via FTP with the field teams. The field teams downloaded the sequences and played GETTING TO POST QUICKLY WITH MARJAN TV NETWORK Marjan TV Network is a UK-based company that owns and operates Manoto - a free-to-air Persian-language channel. They created Bebin TV – the Farsi version of Gogglebox - and broadcast the series to audiences in Europe and the Middle East for the first time last year. The show featured Persian participants from both SHOGUN INFERNO the UK and Canada and programming from the Middle East. The already-challenging Gogglebox turnaround time was compounded for the producers of Bebin TV because their production workflow spanned four time zones every week. In addition to shooting across two continents, the production team chose to use offline editors in both Vancouver and London, with finishing taking place in London before the programme was broadcast. With such vast distances between shoot locations, offline editors and finishing – the team at Marjan TV Network decided to implement a cloud-based post- production workflow that would centralise access to both the shoot footage and the edit sequences – cutting out any delay between the production, post and broadcast. The team filmed five days a week across 20 different locations in Manchester and Toronto, generating approximately 120 hours of media for each episode. At the end of each day’s shoot they would SHOOT WHAT YOU SEE hogun nferno combines high brightness and adv anced DR monitor technologies ith high frame rate and recording cap ability along ith layback and editing functionality. ACCESSORY KIT INCLUDED The world’s most advanced field monitor & external recorder featuring award-winning monitor technology also found in the Flame Series. Kitplus_2017_January_Atomos_HP.indd 1 11/01/2017 17:23:14 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 121 January 2017 | 47