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junction unique, engaging and relevant, and once the rules are set up and the basic designs defined, it is entirely automatic. Today it forms the basis of two products. Promote TM is the live branding and promotion platform, and Factory TM provides a means of creating in advance multiple versions of trailers and promotions within a file-based environment. Factory tackles the issue of keeping editors enthused. Their creative skills are still vital to build campaigns and templates, but the boring repetitive manual work of building multiple versions is now, thankfully, fully automated. MBC in the Middle East is a big user of Factory. They estimate the saving is 40 hours a month in editing suite time per channel, while achieving a 50% reduction in the delivery time for promos. Simply give them templates and work orders and these systems will create new content with little or no manual intervention. One of the key applications for versioning is to promote across streaming and catch-up as well as traditional broadcast outputs. Factory can also be used to prepare the content for VoD. Again by following rules and templates, it can stitch the content together, change the branding to the online identity, and deliver the revised assets to the content delivery network ready to go. Products like Promote and Factory evolved out of the software-defined, computer-to- computer era. They depend upon pulling content and information from servers and systems, using pre-defined rules and advanced intelligence to create precisely the right content for the moment and the context. It is the smart solution to positive, engaging and dynamic branding delivered efficiently across all your channels. No more channel hopping due to boring interstitials! SPECIALISTS IN WIRED & WIRELESS TALLY p PROGRAM & PREVIEW p WIRELESS / UP TO 2KM p WIRED / OVER CAT5/6 ADD PROFESSIONAL TALLY TO YOUR PRODUCTIONS. STARTER PACKS AVAILABLE FROM £649* WIRED / £999* WIRELESS p TIMECODE / OVER WIRELESS p SYSTEMS / UP TO 64-CHANNELS p MIX WIRED+WIRELESS *excluding VAT Tally Technologies is distributed by Global Distribution. Please call us on 01223 228000 for further information or to locate an authorised reseller. Kitplus_2016_October_Tally_HP.indd 1 06/10/2016 11:02:34 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 121 January 2017 | 45