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Now you have the fundamentals of IMF, you might want to know more. There is a brand new SMPTE course created by myself and Pierre Lemieux ( courses/imf) that will guide you through the whats, whys and hows of IMF. There are also a number of lectures given by those fine folks at Mesclado ( imf/). There are the standards to read (search for SMPTE ST 2067) or you can get in touch with me via the fine folks at KitPlus if you want something special. with an identifier that means you can always audit what was in the Delivery. The same is true for IMF. The Packing List or PKL has an ID and a list of all the assets that were delivered. It is really important to know that filenames are NOT used in IMF. All content is tracked via their IDs. When a Delivery is received, the package contains is a special file called the ASSETMAP which is an XML translation of Track File IDs to filenames at the point of interchange. After the delivery, you can rename the files, put them on S3 and use some other mechanism such as a MAM or tracking software to keep these IDs under control. Have a great 2017! Timeline title (fr) FFHS Tracks main video (en) credits(fr) Video en Audio fr Audio en Captions fr Subtitle CE18 FFEC LFTS Markers Figure shows a PKL with a single CPL having a video track where French inserts have replaced English originals. There are two stereo tracks in two languages, two caption / subtitle TTML files constrained to IMSC1 and a marker track annotating FFHS – First Frame of Head Slate, CE18 – a private marker indicating a compliance edit point, FFEC – first frame of end credits, LFTS – Last Frame of Tail Slate. +44 1293 541 200 “Designed from experience, built with passion” ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Wireless Camera Systems Multiple RF Cameras Full Camera Control DOMO (Cobham) Systems Full Support and Advice Bespoke Design Years of Onsite Experience Onboard Cameras Mini Cameras KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 121 January 2017 | 31