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LENSES, LIGHTING, MONITORS €30000 £25.00 Cooke » Mini S4i 18-80mm Gecko-Cam » Carry Handle for Alura Zoom CONDITION Used SELLER Video Brokers CONDITION Used SELLER BROADCAST-HERO ITEM ID 176853 CONTACT +33609841386 ITEM ID 170729 CONTACT +44 7534 352325 Cooke S4i miniexcellent conditionwith flight caseit has the coated and uncoated optional lens fort and rear in order to have the vintage look... 1 x (Used) Gecko-Cam Carry Handle for Alura Zoom 18-80mmc/w: 2 x ScrewsExcellent Condition£25.00 excluding VAT and Delivery £POA Arri » True Blue D12 £14750 Fujinon » EX-DEMO Fujinon ZK4.7x19 19- 90mm PL Mount Cabrio Zoom Lens CONDITION ex-demo SELLER WTS Broadcast ITEM ID 175964 CONTACT 02036671921 £POA Fujinon » HAc15x7,3B ex-demo ITEM ID 177909 SELLER Gearhouse Broadcast CONTACT +974 44 583 422 Kit contains: - 1x D12 Lamphead, 1x 4-leaf Barndoor, 1x Filterframe 1x Head to Ballast CableMSR 1200HR, HMI 1200W/SE G38 OsramFlight case for the aboveAvenger A1035CS Combo Steel Stand 35Case for Avenger A1035CS Steel Stand This product is sold as an ex-demo model. Inspection prior to purchasing is recommended. Images are for illustration purposes only and are not of the specific model for sale. WTS offers a four-month warranty on used and ex-demo models. The Fujinon PL 19-90 Cabrio (ZK4.7x19) features an exclusive detachable servo drive unit, making it suitable for use as a standard PL €2800 CONDITION Dedolight » K3x650S CONDITION ex-demo SELLER Somos Broadcast CONDITION ex-demo SELLER Gearhouse Broadcast ITEM ID 170267 CONTACT +36 1 4608050 ITEM ID 177908 CONTACT +974 44 583 422 Very good cond. like new Kit contains3 x DLH650 Light head 650 W 3 x DFH400 Filter holder 3 x DBD400 Barn door, 3 x DLS400 Light shield ring, 2 x DGRADF400-06 Graduated glass filter, 3 x DSCK400 Scrim kit, 3 x DSCP400 Scrim pouch, 3 x DST400 Stand , 1 x DSCST Stand bag, 5 x DL650T27 Lamp 650 W, 1 x DCHD3x6 Hard case £1500 Dedolight » SYS-DLH4 Full Kit €1200 ex-demo ITEM ID 175994 SELLER ES Broadcast CONTACT 01923 650 080 Fujinon » XA16x8A CONDITION ex-demo SELLER Somos Broadcast ITEM ID 177656 CONTACT +36 1 4608050 Lens CONDITION 3 x Dedo DLH4 heads3 x Stands3 x Dimmer Controls3 x 150w LampsDedo Softcase