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£1200 ANTON BAUER » CINE 90 CONDITION ex-demo SELLER ES Broadcast ITEM ID 176003 CONTACT 01923 650 080 Cine 90 Battery Kit Including:4 x Cine 90 V-Mount Batteries1 x Quad V-Mount Charger Flight Cased £2250.00 ARRI » FF-3 CONDITION Used SELLER BROADCAST-HERO ITEM ID 175952 CONTACT +44 7534 352325 ARRI FF-3 Follow Focus KitKit Inventory:Custom Case (35cm x 48cm x 18cm)FF-3 2-Speed Follow Focus for 19mm Support RodsFF-3 Twin Speed Focus KnobKnurled Knob for Flexible Shaft (Button Control)Short (300mm) Flexible Shaft for Follow FocusHandle for Long Flexi ShaftLong Flexible Shaft for Follow Focus43 Tooth, 0.8 Metric Module Gear0.8/Z35/10mm Metric £2250.00 £500.00 ARRI » WLCS MK II CODEX » CDX-5500 CONDITION Used SELLER BROADCAST-HERO CONDITION Used SELLER BROADCAST-HERO ITEM ID 175200 CONTACT +44 7534 352325 ITEM ID 169157 CONTACT +44 7534 352325 ARRI WLCS MK II Wireless Lens Control System Kit (Yellow Band)Kit Inventory:Custom Case2 x WMU-1 TransmitterWZU-1 Zoom Control2 x WFU-1 Iris / Focus UnitStraps Fitted To Transmitter3 x Aerial3 x CLM-2 Lens MotorURM-1 ReceiverUMC-1 Universal Motor Control* Above Item Fitted To URM-1WAC-1 Battery Charger4 x WBU-1 7.2v BatteryTransformerUMC-1 Battery £1750.00 1 x CODEX Onboard M Desktop Transfer Station including:1 x CODEX CDX-5500 Onboard M Desktop Transfer Station1 x ATTO Card (For MAC)1 x USB Cable1 x DC Power Supply + CableAll In Good Working Order & Good Cosmetic Condition2 x Kits For Sale From Stock£500.00 + VAT & Delivery per kit £20.00 CODEX » CDX-3010 CODEX » CDX-P300 CONDITION Used SELLER BROADCAST-HERO CONDITION Used SELLER BROADCAST-HERO ITEM ID 163122 CONTACT +44 7534 352325 ITEM ID 169853 CONTACT +44 7534 352325 1 x CODEX Onboard M Recording Kit including:1 x CDX-3010 Onboard M Recorder1 x CDX-P064 Onboard Handle and Mount for ARRI Alexa1 x CDX-P065 Onboard Control Panel2 x 6-6pin RS422 Panel Control Cable (Short & Long)1 x 5p LEMO - 3p RS Power Cable1 x Dual Mini BNC Loom1 x 4p XLR - 5p LEMO Battery Power Cable3 x Onboard M Datapack 256 GB1 30 x CODEX CDX-P300 Onboard M Data Pack 256 GB£20.00 + VAT & Delivery per data pack£500.00 + VAT & Delivery for the whole package