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Throughput the whole VR/360-degree experience, the director, can’t guide you through the story in the same way as a 2D film. They no longer have the fast cuts, the zooming, the pacing they are accustomed to using to move you through the story. As a result, there is a focus on the novelty as opposed to an improvement in how we can tell the story. There is a lot of experimentation going on today, and a lot of it is on the capture side. How to we grab better immersive images and stitch them together. Primestream is dedicated to managing those files. Images are captured, metadata is then added and managed around those files, and ultimately, the workflow is organised around them. This puts us right in the middle of the efforts to better understand how to tell stories with these new assets, pulling us into discussions around the creative process. As creative tools like Premier evolve to meet the needs of editors using them, we too are evolving how to manage the data and metadata that adds value to those captured images in the process. We’re no longer engaged in tracking content segments with time-based markers, but rather content that needs to be marked up in time and space with directional data. Not only when, but also where the interesting content is. We fully expect the requirements for VR/360 asset management to continue to evolve as people figure out how to use it to perfect their techniques over time, and we know that all the creative tools will need to move quickly to keep up with that innovative re-imagining of how we tell stories. We are not there yet, but you can already see the early signs that we are creating an exciting new creative narrative. TH-X combines light weight, robustness & operability in a well-balanced product. The best-in-class tripod system by Libec. NEW! Reliability Compact and robust Compact design with a diameter of 105mm While achieving a weight saving of about 200g, the newly designed stopper dramatically increases the the rigidity compared to conventional small tripods. Video & Photo compatible The Dual Head can be used on either a 65mm ball head tripod, or alternatively on a flat base such as a slider, skater or dolly etc. Snap ON/OFF Plate The slide plate* can be set comfortably and quickly on location with a snap on/off mechanism. *Compatible with Manfrotto & Sachtler For more details contact: IDX Technology 01753 547692 STAND: F20 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 120 December 2016 | 43