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skills list. These lists are now known as the ITTP Approved Skills and have been shown to major broadcasters. They have all agreed that this is what they require to help them employ more qualified staff. The next ITTP conference will be on 31st January 2017 at Pinewood Studios and the morning session will be about the Approved Skills scheme. On the panel will be senior members from the broadcasting industries. In the afternoon session of the conference there will mini CPD workshops. At the first ITTP conference it was discovered that many people who teach in University and Colleges have knowledge gaps. For example, if a person was a sound engineer when working now has to teach cameras or lighting, then it’s likely that he or she would benefit from a CPD workshop in appropriate subjects. The conference afternoon sessions will be in the form of taster sessions for full one day CPD workshops. They will include subjects such as ‘4k technology’, ‘How make up effects lighting’, and ‘The Role of the Vision Mixer’. There will be seven from which to choose - each session will run for about 45 minutes so there will be an opportunity to attend two different workshops. The ITTP Conference is aimed at bringing together education and the industry for the benefit of all, so anyone involved in running a course which teaches any subjects which include broadcasting in some form should attend the conference. Find out more here SPECIALISTS IN WIRED & WIRELESS TALLY p PROGRAM & PREVIEW p WIRELESS / UP TO 2KM p WIRED / OVER CAT5/6 ADD PROFESSIONAL TALLY TO YOUR PRODUCTIONS. STARTER PACKS AVAILABLE FROM £649* WIRED / £999* WIRELESS p TIMECODE / OVER WIRELESS p SYSTEMS / UP TO 64-CHANNELS p MIX WIRED+WIRELESS *excluding VAT Tally Technologies is distributed by Global Distribution. Please call us on 01223 228000 for further information or to locate an authorised reseller. Kitplus_2016_October_Tally_HP.indd 1 06/10/2016 11:02:34 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 119 NOVEMBER 2016 | 41