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unaware of how many roles are available and it is down to the industry to make this public knowledge and encourage people to join the industry.” If you want to keep learning this is the industry to be in... Hearing both from the people hiring and people in search of a job in broadcast, there seems to be somewhat of a disconnect. Whilst broadcasters are shouting from the rafters “we need skilled engineers,” skilled engineers can’t seem to hear them. One of the biggest attractions to the broadcast industry, whether you’re sat behind a camera or production desk, is the ever-evolving nature of it. As Tom Giles, Broadcast Technical Manager, Wimbledon said whilst discussing the fact on the ‘Technology Panel’, “If you want to keep learning this is the industry to be in.” Developments in IP, cloud, VR, HDR and 4k /8k are all testament to this fact. Alex Plumstreet, a student from Charters said, ‘The NEP UK Open Day has been really interesting as I’ve heard from lots of people in the industry with various perspectives and from different companies. I think that I now have a better understanding from those who will be recruiting in the future and what they’re looking for in a candidate.” Further to the constant exciting changes, there is also something to be said for the breadth of roles available to candidates and unexpected journey a career can take you. Jenkins told the attendees how he started working for NEP as a trainee engineer, operating cameras and vision engineering, gradually working his way up through the company. He eventually reached a point in his technical career where he realised he wanted lead people. And now he is President of NEP UK and Ireland. With the issue of job awareness being high on the agenda, speakers went on to discuss what it is they actually do, how they got there and how the landscape is changing for newcomers to the industry. As important as it is to hear from stalwarts in the industry, it’s also important for students to get their hands on kit and see the environments in which they will be working. Being able to stand So how do we tackle this? Well, open days such as the NEP UK one certainly help. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 119 NOVEMBER 2016 | 33