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EDUCATION DRIVING THE NEXT GENERATION NEP UK STUDENT OPEN DAY IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING THAT STUDENTS ARE THE FUTURE OF ANY INDUSTRY. These ‘youngsters’ will be who we pass the baton to when it’s time to call it a day and retire to that cottage in Cornwall. Due to the nature of many roles in the broadcast industry recruiters require a specific skill set, taught only by a handful of universities. Recognising this, NEP UK, held its second student open day, giving the engineers and broadcasters of the future a chance to learn more about the industry which they’re about to embark on and type of work they’ll be doing on a day to day basis. The open day attracted over 150 students and budding engineers from institutions including Farnborough Tech, Ravensbourne, Charters School and Southampton Solent. With key industry figures from well-known broadcasters such as Sky, BBC, BT Sport and National Theatre, the day was filled with a series of panel discussions and presentations that gave students real-world insight into the broadcast industry. In-depth tours of NEP UK’s newest trucks were also on offer with students getting a chance to view the UHD ready OB fleet, Sargasso. NEP UK’s President UK and Ireland, Steve Jenkins, welcomed the crowd and discussed how NEP Group’s highest 32 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 119 NOVEMBER 2016 priority is developing talent, investing heavily on training and the company spends. He went on to say that the Industry’s consistent challenge over the past 20 years of there are not being enough candidates to fill job vacancies, which in turn has created a lack in diversity. Andy Beale, Chief Engineer at BT Sport, later echoed this point. Beale, who was speaking on a technical panel consisting of Steve Jenkins, President, NEP UK and Ireland, Rob Newton, Director of Engineering, NEP UK and Ireland, Chris Cannon, Technical Operations Director, NEP UK, Tom Giles, Broadcast Technical Manager, AELTC and Pam Barnes, Engineer, NEP UK, said, “...there is a need for technical people, but not enough applicants to fill vacancies...” If the above statement is true, are we properly educating students on the roles available in the broadcast industry? A recent graduate from Southampton Solent University, Katie Jayne Mills, studied Outside Broadcast and is now a Trainee Vision Engineer at NEP UK spoke on the ‘Women in Broadcasting Panel’. Katie said, ‘Generally, students are