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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE Will Strauss ANALYSIS Despite a raft of mergers and acquisitions (and the usual tsunami of product and ‘solution’ updates) it was difficult to pinpoint a standout trend from this year’s IBC. Yes, VR was prominent - including some very interesting live broadcast proof-of-concept trials - and both HDR and UHD permeated most halls at the RAI. But there was little to glue it all together. AIMS’ efforts are focused on promoting the adoption, standardisation, development and refinement of open protocols for media over IP, with an initial emphasis on the following standards: VSF TR-03 and TR-04, SMPTE 2022-6 and AES67. A good insight into AIMS on this video I guess if you wanted to pick something that impacted on the broadest spectrum of the broadcast market you could plump for the move to ‘media over IP’. On that subject, the IABM’s endorsement of the AIMS (Alliance for IP Media Solutions) proposal as the preferred IP interoperability roadmap for the broadcast industry seems very significant. Work on the IP transition is already underway within the 77-member Video Services Forum (VSF), with the support of SMPTE and the EBU. AIMS endorses the work of the VSF and will continue to lend support to the development of a standard approach to IP. To show its reach, more than 30 broadcast equipment suppliers and broadcasters were involved in the development of VSF TR-03, and companies are actively testing and validating it. As Peter White, the chief executive of the IABM said on announcing it at IBC: “For a number of years now, the industry has needed a way forward to collaborate on IP interoperability. We are pleased to be standing alongside AIMS and wholeheartedly endorse the AIMS roadmap as the path that provides that way forward.” The importance of open standards and the need for interoperability has never been in doubt. With a single set of protocols now in place, the industry may finally have some signposts that it can follow on what will be an interesting, if winding, road to all-IP. Quite where this leaves the ‘competing’ ASPEN framework is another thing entirely though. IP PRODUCTION Snell Advanced Media (SAM) showed its entire IP Edge Routing System at IBC including routers, switchers and its dedicated IP-only processing and control products. The company also announced that it is setting up a Global Customer IP Innovation Centre at its headquarters in Newbury. SAM chief executive Tim Thorsteinson said: “The IP transition is a big transformation for the broadcast industry as media companies look to future proof their network, drive cost efficiencies, scale, adapt their business models as well as add incremental revenue streams. As a result of this enormous shift, we have seen increased interest in the past year in our IP technology from both existing as well as new customers.” The company has also announced a number of strategic IP customer wins with NEP in the Netherlands opting for an IP Edge Routing System and Brazil’s Globosat adding Kahuna 9600 switchers. In addition, SAM unveiled a new line-up of MultiViewers and debuted the LiveTouch 4k highlights and replay system. 8 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 118 OCTOBER 2016