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INTERFACES AUDIO PROCESSING Minnetonka Audio has released AudioTools Cloud On-Demand version 1.0 which is directly available in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace. AudioTools Cloud On-Demand is an advanced audio processing application that provides loudness control, encoding, decoding, channel management, frame rate conversion, quality control, and container management. It has been specifically designed for AWS. “Audio processing can make a real difference for facilities competing for client contracts,” said John Schur, president of the Telos Alliance TV Solutions Group. “AudioTools Cloud gives all facilities access to the same processing options at an affordable rate, creating a win-win for studios and content creators.” LYNX Technik used IBC to launch Green Machine, a combination of general purpose hardware, downloadable apps for customisable functionality and control software. According to LYNX, with Green Machine, “the industry has a way to reimagine their approach to purchasing, upgrading and building a foundation of signal processing solutions for any broadcast or professional video application.” Users select a hardware processing platform and then add functionality by purchasing and downloading apps from the LYNX online Green Store. Control is provided by Green GUI, a software application that provides graphic editing and visualisation tools for navigation, configuration and control off all connected Green Machines. Kit Plus IBC - MStor - Relax - IBC 010816.indd 1 16/09/2016 16:18:07