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STUDIO INTERROTRONS CONTINUED HOW AN ACTIVE INTERROTRON WORKS? PASSIVE INTERROTRON This to all intent and purposes is a normal prompting rig but instead of a prompting software source (the script) from a PC the prompter head-up display is fed by a second camera which is capturing the director for the presenter to see. It is more like a video conferencing device and does mean that the director and presenter can actual be in a different locations or even countries whilst still maintaining that all important down the lens eye contact. We have one client who regularly hire theses for one of their shows where they have a presenter in Bristol and another one in London and by using this technique are able to save significant crew and travel costs using Interrotrons but which to the viewer makes it look as if they are in the same place and location and talking to each other! All of Portaprompt’s standard ranges, the 365 Personal Prompter, the Fusion mid-budget Range and our Broadcast Premium and Quasar Range have Interrotron functionality built in as no extra cost! SUMMARY AND BENEFITS I wished I had known about this before I joined Portaprompt as it would have been the prefect prompting tool for the in house video productions we used to produce for my old company. ACTIVE INTERROTRON Our presenters tended to be from our marketing team and whilst very knowledgeable on the kit and story they were not necessarily all that great as presenters and even when reading prompt some could be rather stilted and we could be doing 10 takes which just ate time, confidence and cash. The Interrotron takes these limitations away and certainly what we are finding is that this little known technique when understood can add real value at very effective costs. It moves prompting from just “reading words” to an interview style approach and builds confidence to camera while maintaining the all-important eye line - a real production advantage! 54 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 116 AUGUST 2016