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EPG DATA INTERACTIVE SERVICES The BBC, working in collaboration with Freeview, DUK and the DTG, is to drop the use of MHEG technology for interactive TV services and use HbbTV 2.0.1 instead. A plan will be drawn up by September this year that will allow equipment manufacturers to build HbbTV into their 2018 product cycles. As part of this, the BBC will remove the MHEG requirement from the ‘BBC Interactive HTML application’ specification. The plan will include, among other things, the development and sharing of test applications to enable manufacturers to ensure correct behaviour of the new HbbTV-based services. The BBC said that is “believes this approach addresses the feedback received to date from manufacturers while balancing the needs of audiences to drive the industry forwards and provide a better environment for UK free-to-air services.” EBS has been contracted by ITV Choice to supply EPG data listings to platforms in Africa and Asia. Using its multi-platform software application Pawa, EBS takes all the scheduling information for ITV Choice and restructures it to meet the requirements of the individual platform or channel. The data workflow allows for a write- once-publish-many capability. As well as the EPG data, EBS is also providing ITV Choice with high-quality programme images that are rights-approved for appropriate territories. ITV Choice is part of ITV and broadcasts British entertainment, drama and documentaries to more than 100 countries. PLAYOUT Family Media TV, the independent Christian broadcasting network for east and central Africa, has purchased a broadcast playout package based around the PlayBox Technology AirBox Neo. The new system has been installed as part of a major upgrade of the facilities at the network’s headquarters in Nairobi and includes a move to HD. Leo Slingerland, chief executive of Family Media, said: “Our AirBox Neo configuration combines the efficiency of automated playout with the freedom to insert live content from our production studio into the schedule. Colleagues from other channels speak very highly of AirBox so it was a logical replacement for our old SD legacy system.” Family TV is available via satellite and terrestrial in Kenya. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 115 JULY 2016 | 23