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€ 2700 SACHTLER » S18Plus CONDITION Used ITEM ID 170195 SELLER Video Brokers CONTACT +33609841386 Very good shape, some pieces have been changed, fully serviced Available with transport bag See our list of HD-SD Outside Broadcast and DSNG units for sale at £ 5995 Shotoku » TP-200 / SX-300L CONDITION ex-demo SELLER TNP Broadcast Sales ITEM ID 172366 CONTACT 01923 712 712 The TP-200 meets the needs of studio operations where light to medium payloads are in use, and where exceptional on-air control is demanded at all times. Using low-pressure air balance technology the TP-200 provides finger-tip control of the camera height across the whole range of travel. Easily manoeuvred within even the smallest studio the TP-200 uses clearly identified, £ 3483 DVS Pronto2k.2 - Video Editing, Mastering, Convers » DVS Pronto2k.2 - Video Editing, Mastering, £ 1000 Kramer » VS88HD CONDITION Used SELLER ITinStock CONDITION Used SELLER Private Seller ITEM ID 134504 CONTACT 02088821111 ITEM ID 175129 CONTACT 07788316516 DVS Pronto2k.21 in stock In good condition and Full working condition ALL DRIVES HAVE BEEN DATA ERASED, THERE IS NO SOFTWARE AND NO DONGLE This sale is for hardware only DVS Pronto2k.2 Specification: Windows XP Pro COA sticker (no media disc included) 2x 1Gb RAM 1 x 160Gb internal hard disc drive DVD-RW optical drive 3 x Power power supply units (1 £ 3750 8 x 8 HDSDI Matrix Switcher £ 1000 Grass Valley » Indigo Miranda » NV9605 CONDITION Used SELLER TNP Broadcast Sales CONDITION Used SELLER Private Seller ITEM ID 167408 CONTACT 01923 712 712 ITEM ID 175110 CONTACT 07788316516 FULLY LOADED WITH ALL THE OPTIONS !The Indigo Audio-Video Mixer from Grass Valley is an advanced audio-video mixer designed for use in live-presentation environments. It offers a complete set of tools for controlling multiple analog or digital audio and video sources. Despite its robust tool set and ability to manage complex tasks, this unit has been designed to fit any skill 1U Button panel router control