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AWARDS GTC AWARDS Recognise industry excellence world wide WINNERS at this year’s GTC Awards travelled from across the globe to collect their awards, and receive recognition for their work from fellow industry professionals. Sky News Correspondent Alex Crawford was among the guests who attended the GTC Awards to support their colleagues, and said she was delighted that cameraman Garwen McLuckie had been recognised for his work. She said: “ We were in Syria when we found out that Garwen had won and we were absolutely delighted. When you are a cameraman you are always there working but someone else takes the glory – Garwen always makes me look good. We have a great working relationship and work together often without even having to say anything to each; we just know what to do to make it work. I am so pleased for Garwen, we always knew he was brilliant but for his brilliance to be recognised by the industry and his colleagues is fantastic. I am so happy that I could attend the Awards to see Garwen get the recognition he deserves.” Garwen, who travelled from South Africa, won an Award for Excellence for a special Sky News report on the plight of migrants leaving Turkey to travel by boat to Greece. With Alex Crawford, he filmed and joined migrants being transported at night in an open-top lorry. He filmed graphic scenes of hardship under difficult conditions, including times when the migrants were being threatened by Turkish coastguards. 66 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 114 JUNE 2016 He said: “This award is about being recognised by fellow cameramen in the industry and is the highest accolade I could have asked for. This award is very important to me.” Among the other winners was Gavin Finney, Director of Photography for the BBC 2 drama Wolf Hall. He said that the GTC is an important resource for anyone working in the industry: “Any organisation that is strong in numbers so that you can tap into resources and ask for help has to be good. An organisation that allows you to be able to call on people is a great asset.” The director’s vision for Wolf Hall was to create a series that looked as if they had just dropped in to Cromwell’s world and started filming. To achieve this meant Gavin shooting this high-profile drama almost entirely hand held and using hundreds of real candles as authentic light sources. Apal Singh also travelled from a great distance – from India – to collect his Award for Excellence for the BBC4 factual programme India’s Frontier Railways – The Last Train to Nepal. This programme is one of three directed by Indian railway specialist Gerry Troyna and featured a fascinating railway line that runs for just 20 miles, operated by dedicated local railwaymen, but is under continued threat of being closed. Apal said he was delighted to be honoured for his work: “People know about the GTC in India, because it is a prestigious, professional organisation. It is very important to be recognised by your colleagues for your work. It is important that camerawork is appreciated, but mainly it is my job to take Gerry’s vision and translate that into film.” Gerry added: “Apal is a gift to work with. He gets on well with everyone and understands the special relationship required between the subject and the camera.”