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matched with approximately 200 video clips, totalling 30 hours. “After syncing the clips, we used the Flow Scan feature to bring the combined material into EFS,” David says. “This was a slightly different use-case scenario than the straightforward Flow Ingest that we did for GoPro captured material. Regardless, just like the straightforward Flow Ingest, Flow Scan generated a proxy file for every clip. This allowed us to log and assemble all of the proxy clips targeted for production into ‘project’ folders, which were reviewed by staff 6,000-plus miles away in Cologne, Germany, using the private cloud module, AirFlow to facilitate a secure remote collaboration workflow.” FACILITATING REMOTE COLLABORATION - CUTTING POST TIME IN HALF Critical to the editorial review process was EditShare’s AirFlow, which allowed production staff in Cologne, Germany to connect to the “Wild Island” storage server via the internet. The team in Germany was able to review the proxy files and, if necessary, download the high- resolution files locally, make notations and edits and then upload for the on-location team. “AirFlow was a great add-on for us,” David says. “It allowed a lot of people located in Germany to actually watch and comment on the clips and even the sequences we created on location. There was no exporting or re-encoding, no uploading to another platform. Our media was secure. AirFlow was very simple and incredibly helpful for reviewing and getting direction on material. In the end, it was a huge time saver and allowed us to be much more creative with developing the show.” The editors imported the AirFlow proxies into Avid Media Composer and assembled scenes and complete programs. When the shooting was over, the high-resolution storage was flown back to Germany and the Avid sequences were relinked to the high-resolution material. David explains the productivity impact of the remote collaboration workflow: “This saved us 50 percent on the usual post-production time. It’s a workflow we have tested extensively, and the amazing thing is that AirFlow supports this same kind of workflow, not only with Avid but also with other editing applications such as Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.” storage environment, EditShare project sharing allowed editors to share projects and collaborate on story development, which is key in the fast- paced productions of reality TV productions. “The XStream EFS system really gave us the margin of safety we needed with the content,” David says. “The decision to go with the new model was the right one. We needed to know that this system would be operational, regardless of what was thrown at it. The performance was so amazing that after one of the power outages, we didn’t even recognize that we forgot to power up one of the nodes. Really impressive.” But there are two parts to the success equation for this setup. “Flow really helped us organize the massive amount of clips we had,” David says. “The support for Avid and the ability to work with proxy files really made the editorial workflow so much faster.” For more information on EditShare solutions, please visit EQUIPMENT EFS System 2x MDC 4x EFS Node (32TB each) 2x Arista 7050 TX-64 Switch Flow Databaseserver (32 TB)Flow Worker Node 1x Flow Ingest 10x Flow Browse Workstations for Logging 9x HP Z440 Workstation Avid Media Composer 7.4 1 Gig Ethernet Connection Camera Equipment 6x Canon XF305 9x Canon XF105 40 CF Cards (128GB/64GB) 7 GoPros 4 Sony Action Cams Audio Equipment 4 x Zaxcom IFB 200 TC Transceiver 45x Zaxcom ZFR300 Audio Recorder 9 x Zaxcom ERX2TCD Timecode Receiver 45x San Disk Ultra 16GB SD Cards Backup/Archive 1x Sony ODS –D55U Optical Disc Archive 30x 1,2 TB ODC 1200RE Also assisting in the creative development onsite was EditShare’s advanced project sharing capabilities. Shipped as part of the shared KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 114 JUNE 2016 | 61