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LTO7 infrastructure to calculate the total cost of ownership, as well as the other considerations noted in this article. We’ve looked at the benefits; but what are the risks associated with storing content in the cloud? Putting high-value licenced assets solely in the hands of third-parties can be very daunting. The archive has to be very secure and standard cloud may not be sufficient: DES encryption keys are vital. There are products available that provide this level of security but media companies are understandably worried about putting their eggs in one basket. There may also be security risks in the actual process of streaming assets to the cloud (for example, resulting in illegal copies being made). Again the streaming tools are of a high quality but there has to be great trust in third-parties. Having said this, digital media can be encrypted at source (as happens already with digital cinema before distribution to specific cinemas); nevertheless this is a consideration. periods within their life-cycle on specific storage technologies for precise business reasons to take advantage of the benefits of each type of storage. Management of these decisions and processes will require sophisticated storage management systems. This is primarily what we are seeing now. Tape is here to stay, but as the archive becomes a more fundamental part of the workflow (not just at the end of the chain) customers are examining how they can get the benefits of the cloud while managing the risks and costs. Therefore hybrid archives utilising the respective benefits of tape, disk, optical storage and cloud are becoming more and more common. A second trend with regard to cloud archiving is a move towards the private cloud and its companion object storage devices for many workflow needs. This will avoid issues associated with the public cloud whilst gaining at least some of the benefits: distribution and collaboration. The downside of course is the capital investment that can be avoided with public cloud. Archiving options are developing quickly and storage environments will become increasingly complex. This is resulting in an increase in The cloud is here to stay and only time will tell hybrid archiving models. As cloud systems Kit Plus to evolve, particular types of 10:11 continue 91x133.qxp_Layout 1 06/05/2015 assets Page 3 the degree to which media companies are willing to embrace this brave new world. are likely to be stored for determined time Be proud of your sound POLECAM World Leaders in Specialist Jibs, Minicams & Accessories Is anything just ever Black or White? Radio Talkback Walkie Talkies The ultimate single multifunction radio talkback base station with digital and analogue operation The Appointed UK & European “Centre of Excellence” for Toshiba Broadcast Minicams Sales, Service and Support Toshiba wireless sound solutions visit: email: call: 01789 777040 IK-4K 4K UHD Antelope PICO 350 fps Toshiba IK-HD5 1080i/p Polecam Limited E: W: T: +44 (0) 1234 855 222 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 114 JUNE 2016 | 47