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the Canvio Basics, meaning the complete portable hard drive is just 111 mm long making it one of the smallest hard drives available. The black plastic and quite frankly simple looking exterior doesn’t look amazing, but it’s a great size which can fit into any bag. READ & WRITE SPEED: 109MB/S & 106MB/S 6. Seagate Seven 500GB , this super skinny hard drive has certainly got it going on. At just 7mm thick this nifty device can certainly go without being noticed in a shirt pocket! Seagate has achieved a great design here, which is sure to win over fans. Made from stainless steel with an industrial finish, the Seagate Seven is a real competitor with its sister 2TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim. Its a cool wedge of metal that can hold up to 500GB, not bad for it’s size! READS & WRITES: Window writes: 49MB/s, reads: 102MB/s OS X writes: 95MB.s, reads: 98MB/s • Anamorphic lenses & adapters starting at £665. • Fast M43rds T.95 CINE primes from only £415. • Sony E mount full frame 50mm F1.1 CINE lens for just £315.* Truly cinematic. *prices exclude vat HOLD N master distributor READS & WRITES: 7. The iStorage diskAshur Pro 1TB is perfect when you are keen to make sure your data is protected. Whether you are keen to keep your work data private or personal, this hard drive is perfect. A built in keypad that requires a personal PIN before you can access the hard drive is a nifty little addon that will sit well with people who take their privacy seriously. Plus it comes with a 1TB encrypted portable drive. Windows: 115MB/s OS X writes: 103MB/s 8. LaCie Mirror 1TB. Known for their style conscious and edgy products, this French company take a lot of pride in how their products look, which explains why they hire the best designers to get involved. Therefore this hard drive is mainly about the design and how nice it looks, it does have a 1 TB hard disk but really the focus is all on elegant design. Windows Speed: 110MB/s OS X Speed: 106MB/s Windows Writes: 0.27MB/s OS X Writes: 8.18MB/s So there you have it, a list of the top portable hard drives on the market! What do you use? Tweet us at @ editorskeys with all your suggestions. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 114 JUNE 2016 | 43