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to be involved and participate in live more. the of shows and many I love my job, because – a valued member debates, game this And this is why in the building moment so-far on work experience to everyone else allows me to experiment Our most interactive University’s like a good time it’s your first day a lot. course I am on job feels the use of the So now seems and it really helped BBC staff”. When what the actual year has been - - I’m Aislinn Fadian organisation, and really explore with system entitled introduce myself the with in such a prestigious able to experiment bespoke interactive Networking for this much non-stop, like to do, being were able to use I manage the Social week was pretty within the channel allthevotes. We and (both in the newsroom The rest of the all kinds of concepts an interactive quiz, CCI TV Channel. gathering stories for presenters platform to host of social media. answers my time spent this channel via using the power and writing scripts able to give their and It’s my job to publicise students were brilliant!! and out and about), few days into my placement, on- sure we are hitting phones. It was the air. A social media, making via their mobile local angle for to read out on ‘ripple’ targets, increasing I suggested a our social media weekly audience all over the national during the meeting On a good week gaining exposure to 4000 debate’ that was many as 3000 viewers and generally board. Social going ‘homework can engage as media a few times across the social those There have been press. people! viral just about hitting it’s own research done has gone networking isn’t about had carried out and I had that what we have to channel, it’s also A local school of homework, audience of up targets for this effectiveness creating an engaged and Adobe and keeping them yet, study into the Media Composer engaging viewers, not hit those heights BBC Avid several 32,000! I’ve previously used into a video. The as a few allowed to edit time. Upon graduating hooked. edit the findings morning included being but I will in good t that started out created text that’s knowledge After Effects to the local weather. good use, this and the following radio, that it’s not only able to put my being broadcas has Ashton liked the idea the broadcast, including I have learned however is this Lloyd next year I’ll be for news editors Broadcast on packages for Hearing something quite incredible offline . My editor, name get into. I have student Media. Photos Management the industry, but up as an had a live Outside is be important on Social that I could ting to good use within use Avid’s Newsroom scripts and we were doing archive need to story I had developed be role still develops, a whole new world Broadcas a great message such orders, ideas tapes in in a an notebook what year Television and understanding the best in I have ITV’s newsrooms same day, the and videos send and many of many platforms – I could now as my manager plenty of ideas Storage of perfect for otherwise and later that “iNews®”; running by the system. eye. So using enjoyed creating be used Without the use for future use, a third not course has been up with that System called by the local newspaper but from a past three can years, live’ was easily accessible I’m currently catching the public’s platforms. The Twitter, we would I hope to come make a and in having the media if you can to approach are all centralised Avid’s Media pinched, th. way Over the archiving that I yet manage radio been picked up can it’s my first time ‘going present a different as Facebook and TV which I hope will of video packages exclusive” being mean more views use of is the point I and I’ve learned techniques, I can realising this vision; for the channel we publicise our and then, more University of the Portsmou the using a version is annoyed at “my it did at the needed? Through accessible that modes future, of broadcas to ting, this asset. As As an experiment be limited in how CCI TV channel me create find it when it’s and much Videos are editing called “Newscutter” – which point-of-view, with side to the channel. for the faculty’s massive impact. features are d to many my time to enable and the content longer thinking non-journalistic ‘behind the scenes’ live in collaboration programmes. integrate into some LTO software, been introduce have been used impression. after media, I am no store the media, go helped research Composer software a few tweaks to Pomell & Aislinn Fadian to be kept decided to capture recently broadcasting hope that by subsequently research. I also platforms - my video! by Safiya ‘like’ our page with for to see what tapes factual So go everlasting for about looking just where I am going to across the Express FM. I time studying Two’s allow of hands-on of our work would left /ccichannel you that has However an having your tapes for again I the very similar, but series to BBC was photos and post increase a local radio station, awareness of Previously spending helped me to of was as well. and time have such a mixture it is also important for a follow up Time versatility I can an insight which up-to-date methods that retrieval it, time my able to do and the metadata. can be just as So it is key I raise unnoticed. But It was nice to really show Back in the iNews system. all red but also consider dot!) and I have set-up suite of enjoying the range the in order of use it gave our followers whilst also being know it is there enabling our viewers possessing broadcasting has to Certification had is something that sive always how a professional popular family-based stored elsewhere of previously of a for those producing the roles channel so people exciting new practical experience, shadowing too. Getting has determined be in the editing systems the public gave, audience interaction, every broadcasting in for my Avid User would file ly library Television content after I normally reserved at a great, comprehen is Safiya to develop an so-far. live all of and the witty answers Creating a physical embodying the media. whilst This work my chances of thankfully television behind software helpful . Simultaneous retrieval of presenter for Dinner, name it’s worked well and that the skills in my live but and some traditional studio gallery and hearing those the folder structures responses system set up. discounted due understand the of was aid in the series for the National less My year’s never operated a jib producing life, the day to year practice, interested me. than a shows, and I think third setting after graduating enhance the impact I can and used tapes can researcher, producer ten-part science having only had and I’m my pretty I’ve pleased industry skills matched I use, not just for the the archive effort to Avid be journey into the that whole week. Starting that sit in the television as the titles roll about chemistry. and most of the making sure of the what level will only level, despite Pomell my skills within the for to an acquisition car that seemingly show out began “Regions Go!” me acquired at this on air leads archive, I the specialist Geographic Channel using Avid. Overall in 2012 Avid had joined a initial training into important When to the mark when curriculum aspirations for essential experience. also reconfirmed or the ISIS inevitable me a buzz. Even When exporting going into It has to help place. for immortal words: no other is learning to clipping Unity experience in started sure the past. However, crucial for me at to fall the industry. My in felt order to an most by information is always such like and on air set, blaring in my the are needed it make within All of this was had made on the broadcasting strand broadcasting format retains opinion, projects. of Exporting unit, started broadcasting on Media Composer booked a live-DJ has been work experience This my camera feed programme goes taught things of starting taking milestones for this year my veins. I Before my professional marketing manager. your has successfully. the course team school to extend my proofing of uniqueness you’re it effectively and efficiently. over have been learned. time, I still a my role as CCITV for to one apart exam to future are to begin for future Part of the within a particular 15. Being sit and they Television use is key, as the tackle my role through process, it practice and though I had managed original five days, it was age was circulated why research with months, and there is quality, experience check at the highest that every the been of able to was embedded Radio and ultimately of amazing the with final sequences radio the broadcast yourself; you are very trying few University I was able to see the jolt of electricity Marketing can be a long a career at Global is that now test the recorder, I wouldn’t have and Broadcasting at extra University improve exciting, nerve-racking and and and, good placement beyond what exactly it an I interview to I get smothered even you though creating for seemed BBC. I use the out otherwise are 4k, the scary Not planning tad ahead example having, moments that down and a well as finding I also I left. so me really felt helped alive! It was day ‘go live’ for (or even less!). during the recording takes time, so work keep watching. sad day when only be 1080i of your own production. my levels once breaking it less after, in order to Portsmouth has break on work ethic stressful, sometimes a much later time. in a “proper” version may driving force project or footage personal and information, however the makes an audience are vital. waiting for summer general but also found times, off, trying to work a more the feature I immediately dull spending my my skills, from my I at could’ve done live, a little strategies due to the poor broadcasting house ensure that if the playback project on This will only does this make for encoded you, your of the stages of to the all After several weeks to pay for my thing professionalism. went to the BBC Personally I think who approach workflow. I wasn’t to say that I didn’t at 4k it can it’s be down to some money and a better a pre-rec I knowledge definitely to the best and when CCITV None of this is Carla Maria-lawson is to be broadcast show, format also without the demands more about overwhelming implement floor office job to raise the coming year, in August and spoke with meaningful experience was well as getting to in learn something to happen! landing a to the broadcast mobile dance I am already looking for done g editor for daytime As I succeeded make some great ability react to suit the new and your also be to helpful if the project at hand. of a sudden even the All student lifestyle marketing to as the enjoy the experience, because is the commissionin station I had ever voice This can the audio in the long run. BBC. She standing on street is first television vox pops, once loss of quality. broadcast. is Between thus managerial shows on the was an opportunity role and keep Industries one. Television. This that couldn’t taint my returned to the of the equipment changed Audio Recorder”, and early peak the industry, it like presenting forward to the next into what you – ITV Channel The Creative Cultural of using Adobe Audition with insight broadcasters into a “Zoom manager. try new things file was ingested work experience Jersey and the rest of the Channel just gave me a wonderful and learning what corners, clutching FM studio the whole experience is superb. specially connections, up to scratch if designed haven’t disrupted channel is our looking I had of to review for being in the Heart I was wind and rain g-related TV skills planning Jib50 So, is. I remember and off since the local region look for when hoping that the my broadcastin being totally in the Libec Swift audience. up break. Here is the emulation been at ITV on for your target presenters and vox pops, to broadcasting the at a height of allowed university platform to allow the and jib it is I’d run say by that pre- observing the Islands. As I had approach to take those precious well and they as my during the long can be operated centre of practice making it in which they could TV my first you are at the I knew the team the University of process of learning next one… professional The one we live have awe at the speed I am still in the 17 years old, live in the studio, learned during who produce and very quick to assemble, broadcast Title Sponsor forward to the Adobe Audition. to see year student at of the skills I’d content using third year students to 4 role of marketing is metres course to and I am excited outside Presented with Television and Jenkins, a third produce show of the role develops within what broadcast. me to put some Broadcasting from studio to professionals to year on the BSc skills Hello, I am Ryan will be by the end a phone call and Television and each week! Tackling easily transportable be powered via be a big all They could take an opportunity for industry of radio production where the channel year on the BSc as part of my final always going to All the components can to continue that phone call n manager for My acquisition with my to manager was with a bit now I am going A tailored event providing the latest technology in electronic media location. Portsmouth and been entwined seemed like milliseconds played out over the next year. For with fl exibility, and, a role I was excited I am the Post Productio and at University has we specialise CCI TV forward allowing great challenge. It was jib is fairly test, use and experience working for Global explore was edited, polished working on pushing Parsons!), the audience wants to hey, and batteries further my experiences Broadcasting course, live programmes, something involves the experiences whilst experience,so so much from throw myself into of practice (thanks Mike Knowing what equipped with the the summer I social to observe industry that is making airwaves. I learnt my recently gained I’ve continually advertising and to operate is and very important. Over offers A Radio. The opportunity shows has allowed from thereon in television teams as marketing, design a workflow check it out! see for straightforward me. The remote head Media. that intrigues jingles, sit-in on in the studio and why don’t you Wall to Wall thus far seen me Remote did Head. to create my own practitioners and then storing them a placement a at joystick, making interaction is something of skills with the in. My role has Libec REMO30 from used Adobe Audition the acquisition to construct to based in London. made VT’s, and is a little of - @ccitv vox pops and me to combine is a key element tilt at variable speeds company which add BBC production shots citv practice. ident’s, edit my footage from our pan and there is no or reasons. Here Marketing in TV such show to archiving dynamic and On acquisition of industry Using any equipment a channel. If to achieve great I worked on programmes and other archival create a fully operable addition to these days seem been it simple having no the success of my radio portfolio. by industry endeavours have It’s an excellent Think You Are? s You with student fees use for cutaways run the risk of production the value. One’s Who Do within our faculty a junior also being used es my attempt to The whole issue So far my broadcasting are owed opportunitie future marketing you to the phase) with the software that is can only that all Lost Family as to appearing I have learnt in idea that they pre-production Multi-skilled approach No audience means of and kit that is And ITV1’s to Long our approaches detailed and radio institutions how we work. Adobe give some the created (in the arsenal about. In my experience something that and audience. next the professionals scale where I carried out the course is to an be aspiring Audio Recorder s to to welcome the in by the producers new angles and researcher crystal clear, this bit of - I hope it will improve and seeing far beyond what has proven use of the Zoom to Live OB’s the opportunitie the year again hard work put this project I will providing prove to be into advantageous to share their starting an archive and archive system provides all of Its that time of Zoom Audio Recorder adds Furthering my research professional. systems be done in vain! So if I haven’t been especially when students who will are willing out lots of notice a great course Audition. The directors would However, of broadcast. a new broadcast management asset of kit; loss it really and space. One thing by Jonathan Quinn staff will also give selection of students when creating our readership. looking at media encode, prevent tick from me! digital asset Broadcasting broadcast, satellite all of the storage an invaluable to piece name is Jonathan I’ve learn, and the want to get involved but I found out quite quickly adventures to space will fill up Television and kit gets a big production when well as different ways in which requiring to a be different different our approach the exported Join the MENA region’s professionals at CABSAT, is that storage i everybody, my things we might Whilst studying within the project. I quickly experiences and joining this course. Avid encode can to be as there are many tend to forget CONTENT DELIVERY to evolve, so does different dimension CCI of real information on of an ‘open door’, space needed, with a of a ride since workflow that the time of writing with quality a a high master within armoury studio’s people, with can be utilised of Portsmouth, digital entertainment and future business opportunities the well more storage Quinn and at It’s been a hell they let us know management at the University knowledge as years there was a tackle TVFutures as KitPlus continues the door archive consider; delivery of material to example audio an quickly, and the an amazing placement to acquire and three with. Essential few days away initially. So you for have to go through articles, and we improving my to BROADCAST the focusing on all live to be worth $66bn by 2018* to Avid codec show I want to keep realised that over the workflow needs is required in order this I’m just a ended up completing at Pinewood Studio’s, visited make the effort to features and prioritise time around. connecting with and chase you, issues develop my skills have been exporting the more money on the archive much of the project archive I real opinions, that is easy to time you’ve got to in a market projected to attend plan and slant this the retaining year of my TV sounds crazy as the improvement opportunity to not only aren’t going to this, the archive, how to use as the SATELLITE a system in place This allows audience. It great where I’ve spent and finance to different to competitive the for slightly opportunities of I even got chance my third and final is enjoyed reading become a multi-media to when I my more. Having DNxHD codec. of what you are going like marketing yourself, and ensuring you them. I’m genuinely facilities, and and the codec knowing itself. I hope you have but to what from beginning 2015 | 41 subsequently been #CABSAT Thinking back g - and reacting this year is still lots on the University COMMUNICATION archiving and the fi lm editor is required and future encodes have to chase as a presenter- you of Television and radio high-end post 108 DECEMBER of quality for one learning curve has the Avid degree course. and focus course, the turn up identify is what get that last part. a pleasure to inform but money MAGAZINE: ISSUE from from Tom Cross, accordingly, gathering The series links - there’s - BSc Television and Broadcastin and its you that Broadcasting follow us on: I an appropriate as a download beginning I would it has been presenter, well across what b both hope to in general really main storage device. ideas necessities saves TV-BAY as KITPLUS - THE creating a keynote speech time working with Portsmouth course 2015 | 51 r as choose freely available recorder, in the the searching for will know all only archive the will be pitching 107 NOVEMBER audio Portsmouth complex than that, intelligence, and not sure if students to have got that off my chest! ies there retrieval process. spent (the one with I have been doing more ‘make sure - THE you TV-BAY be was originally MAGAZINE: ISSUE involved with archiving be brand archiving and Whiplash! I’ve But it’s even the twist feel will and that students them a real insight OB responsibilit website. to interviews, press the button post on hearing was ’. To KITPLUS time during the it was Those of you get material to TODAY! but to remember! do in the future. Anyway, I’m pleased as the and dealing with and I sure one thing I kept on multi-skilling issue of how to this and I hope and n having it’s own en mass, thus giving few months acting REGISTER ONLINE Football Club stop there! Another particular focus too well that the a full-on experience, advise any articles Over the past having an idea cemented for must take into consideratio you all for reading article pitch using a portable with each channel one that has a I found that it doesn’t sure I fully understood manager I have I really wanted challenges of My thanks to is what kit and be as simple as had to if I as well. I to be made wasn’t entirely production archive to win another the archive can time slot via identity that schedulers into the or competitive within a commissioning editor. for small On the latter point, benefi ts from any me a little because within post production, really honest I decision that needs informative. I hope have this platform again to in? HDDs have this is only ideal a programme big am getting it. the selected all and it unnerved my aims of working hopefully end going to invest hard drive, but and third year suggestion Planning is one to read/write. when choosing on how to reap about what that meant, that post-production was really belief that I would rapidly methods are you later in the year can take a while As you can see, is from other students used to have a 2016 | 47 once you hear are definitely soon-to-be multi-skilling rate which increases projects as they 110 FEBRUARY their schedule. Schedulers month activity, I’d say and be a portable I knew in my heart open day at Portsmouth a fairly high failure Now this of your energy! My selection this MAGAZINE: ISSUE share my thoughts. extra-curricula to look at could that Programme Quinn and his pitch on OB’s to focus on. The go for it with all the four year mark. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY Another thing balancing act HDD but more was an essential is that I wanted for. once they reach in which to this months theme. credit Jonathan faster than an any kind of opportunity, that multi-skilling like the best way appropriate to solid state drive, because this not given enough space. However convinced me does not sound seemed very industry use. I figured it course, mainly the same storage area of the television media for future expensive for have one from the industry element of a specialist securely store I would absolutely No matter what LTO6 tapes all of these solutions messages coming in, as a student an LTO system, from It’s a huge I discovered that in post- one of the clear was best to use a HDD you’re interested have to be transported incredibly strong some work experience. of storage, where cation, major issue - they where course that was have 2.5TB worth recommend finding way to get a taste of whether | 35 for 6TB an Depending on Avid User Certifi So I choose a 2015 109 JANUARY 2016 great at the region of £50 108 DECEMBER one that offered one place to another. 2016 MAGAZINE: ISSUE it could be would cost in eye-opener and place for you. My placement Although if you live TV and outside KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE production, and ISSUE 110 FEBRUARY KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY have your archive the only cost £25. right TV-BAY MAGAZINE: produces weekly my 40 | you decide to and has made if you were a LTO6 tape would or not it’s the LTO6 tape | KITPLUS - THE 46 but also one that been able to pursue as I next room, but the data on the invaluable experience sector even more a student I’ve as close as the to be houses and an were to compress BSkyB was an tion as much broadcast. As A great saving in the broadcast with many post aid in post-produc for 6.25TB. much the large company you can push prospect of working hopefully prove to be a great one to another peripherals passion and interest I’ve been amazed at how travelling from and also there are additional but archive center had, however coming months, as well. I thought exciting. It will straight use of a drop hoped I would, g task. With the can not be put project over the attracted my interest be an exciting and to can be a costly needed, LTO tapes for my final year cameraman opened my Manager; co-ordinatin live element has from all post houses like a HDD. This d. CCI TV Channel broadcast would broadcast box system networked be a quick and easy presentation tapes into the computer for my role of Camera Operators, not been disappointe that a live outside implementing of using an LTO it can of all and I’ve really GTC accredited live on the archive center go anywhere else? eyes to the possibility content schedules, within raise awareness great experience, of adventure when going of hundreds of continuing to process, especially cameramen, why well, with full details process. in the archiving scheduling and I hope I get the There is an element with a new external location, and having constantly n, DoPs and specialist and I have jobs out there. that is what to store, of the year and the university environment on HDDs that are the unsung TV from adrenaline Lighting Camerame air, and couple The next issue to archive all stored again at the end to get a bit giddy invite there is any need chance to write created work being that it is began after an everybody starts asked myself if the final all went. fail quicker. I learnt experience really keen to a project or could tell you how it expensive and on an LTO nerves. My OB Watts, who is of the rushes for | 49 be different storing this media leader, Charlie 2015 | 55 on 106 OCTOBER 2015 Each project will definitely worth 105 SEPTEMBER in May. All students from my course a student solely MAGAZINE: ISSUE export be fine. MAGAZINE: ISSUE for different perspective of one big broadcast and help, and I got KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY clients may ask tape from the always put on seem in this respect, chance to attend storage. of archive it may the price of at the point were offered the THE ZOOM AUDIO EDUCATION after I but thankfully a jib in my life, I’ve never operated and most of the day to practice, began training had the initial When the show an to fall into place. feed it felt like things started taking my camera through my veins. I and they starting was circulated amazing extra jolt of electricity exciting, nerve-racking and was a tad scary and, felt so alive! It stressful, sometimes for at times, but also a little dull due to the waiting live, to say that I didn’t when I wasn’t None of this is happen! already looking something to because I am enjoy the experience, one. next using forward to the experience of review the whole Jib50 is superb. So, if I had to Swift up that the Libec at a height of the jib I’d say it can be operated The one we have very quick to assemble, making is to outside broadcast to 4 metres and le from studio via easily transportab s can be powered component and, with a bit location. All the great fl exibility, batteries allowing Mike Parsons!), the jib is fairly the of practice (thanks is equipped with offers to operate and straightforward The remote head Remote Head. making Libec REMO30 from a joystick, variable speeds shots which add pan and tilt at great dynamic addition to it simple to achieve value. It’s an excellent our faculty within to the production kit that is appearing our approaches to to the arsenal of bit of angles and scale providing new crystal clear, this if I haven’t been broadcast. So tick from me! I’ve kit gets a big joining this course. Avid of a ride since with It’s been a hell an amazing placement ended up completing at Pinewood Studio’s, visited time to attend where I’ve spent I even got chance of facilities, and the fi lm editor high-end post from Tom Cross, a keynote speech time working with Portsmouth ies there spent Whiplash! I’ve OB responsibilit and dealing with and I sure Football Club a full-on experience, advise any well. I really wanted I if had to as On the latter point, benefi ts from any am getting it. the on how to reap hear about other students say once you ula activity, I’d of your energy! extra-curric go for it with all any kind of opportunity, S pitch Searchin W g? Search .uk/search EDUCATION EDUCATION Media acquisition ow & archive workfl TVFutures: Ashton CONNECTED m m & & m m B B TV FUTURES PINK NOISE Ryan Jenkins h Student pitc THE MORE STORAGE SPACE NEEDED, THE MORE MONEY IS REQUIRED cichannel Lloyd REGISTER NOW H *Source: PWC h Student pitc 106 OCTOBER 2015 RADIO IS A UNIVERSITY ING PLATFORM GREAT START Riding Wave! & Social Media TVFutures: to these days seem s with student fees The whole issue are owed opportunitie idea that they give some the about. In my experience the course is s to far beyond what the opportunitie Watson and by Alex provides all of is so much out lots of notice a great course up tudying at university staff will also give learn, and the want to get involved but these days than just “turn more s things we might information on of an ‘open door’, lectures, hand in assignment they let us know first the to door with. Essential to go through at the end of my make the effort get you, and chase a degree”, BSc in Television you’ve got to aren’t going to studying for a opportunities of yourself, and them. I’m year genuinely g at the University have to chase that last part. get and Broadcastin and its you that attain my Avid in general really I had my the chest! opportunity to not sure if students to have got that , off . all Sky channels. Portsmouth User Certification requirements across it is not Anyway, I’m pleased Media Composer I and any it was this and hope editorial good to better a surprise, but as be you all for reading time article pitch it would might not come I never fast-moving but I thought It perhaps software, an but incredibly My thanks to the to win At another the widely to used to do. It’s Later informative. I hope have understand this again easy job so useful t so to quickly. especially when be in, this platform an in and come environmen deadlines or later in the year new-found editing n imagined it would exciting to use to my meet daily transmissio schedules was able is on This share my thoughts. that summer I pressure placement at ITV. if programme experience minute changes over the although we may last skills on a work make experience I had done this team, work to be altered. Without at one in both clarity and wasn’t the only have part it, in TV would seriously lack Work Experience is not the took BBC. Unsung TV Jobs rs summer as I also not realise However, – a the Presentation Scheduler article pitch biggest broadcaste of the world’s continuity. television that goes unnoticed. - Our second year student by Emma Cox took place the , searching for only job in placement third hen I first began offering My BBC Work Experience my Avid Media visit Composer Compliance Editorial Emma Cox, to chance me! Broadcasting also had a university course a story week after I had I completed the a very busy time ensuring that each to for BSc Television and on the so it was dedicated TV, I came across Hayley User Certifi cation, a whole team Helier studios, its which is time slot in TV allocated th. Personally for BBC’s St. a student called studying was based in the programme is suitable Channel for. Islands latter function The of Portsmou theme of I the that featured and is BBC scheduled before - but channel whilst Sky Jersey it work there during to BBC Radio channel be able I’d to never even thought of managed a TV month’s KitPlus students to opportunity to home Rutter who had in the want to get paid expected to that man stated that this News. I hadn’t is something application earlier doesn’t is a tricky one for a student I mean who course. Hayley in an tion fi I had what lled a great job, displayed ast on her camera manage a TV channel (CCI TV, seriousness, they it. summer, approach broadc about day? But in all the curriculum) the schedule and within Camera Operators, and had else? for watching TV all totally forgotten platform, especially but Emma’s different. scope of year GTC operates newsgathering s. Acquisitions TV channel that accredited part of the the broadcast also dared to be of run hundreds of her eyes about the wider why go anywhere are great vital insight into a a fi rst day, cameramen, and it Before with full details had really opened specialist resonated with me. I chose It gave me such when Radio and with TV. acquired my programme Atlantic being dealing and and it really Sky n, DoPs both I and BSkyB, and had with never huge Lighting Camerame broadcasting, footsteps; I joined the same course, process across spent a time at part ITV of previously, UK, pe jobs, can have their they so the despite having are ing HBO’ in the to follow in her I have taken on ‘The to do of any journalist-ty a thoroughly recommend my third year more required Home - providing content notes, to but and directly been out but I have a lot and now entering work learning 55 curve, appropriate breaks a steep cut Channel Manager, it was a bit of 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 ns, | cutting in role of CCI TV classificatio not only to adhere MAGAZINE: ISSUE my belt. I got correct warnings, KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY enjoyable one! BBC experience under element of selecting the told during my also to protect viewers. t, is a hugely important industry that can of the fi rst things I was regulations, but with us, to Ofcom me: “While you’re relaxing working environmen One Network Planning of the with channel a fun and same as it is also an area to those wanting induction will stick Although it’s as exactly the between customer, television, but of yourself a bit of a mystery and whole you’ve got to think achieving a good balance arguably remain Planning, the with both acquired task, and Without Network and Ofcom expectation be a disordered is not a simple to work in TV. process would programme 2015 s lacks commissioned 107 NOVEMBER world of television that Thanks to Angus television watching MAGAZINE: ISSUE job in the I viewing experience. and frustrating & EPG Services) 50 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY is yet another of Presentation BSkyB recognition. BSkyB this summer Gairdner (Head my last day at two weeks at enough to spend interest was able to spend it is so crucial. I was fortunate developed an why team. Having of discovering just see on with the Planning great to learn about the role everything we it was just and to forget that in scheduling I didn’t realise It’s very easy carefully planned Scheduler - and viewing everything!) is ies range from a Programme TV (and I mean the best possible it was! Their responsibilit way to give us l advert, a schedules, ensuring how complex structured in a to fill 24 hour it be a promotiona navigation spreading content programmes are used evenly experience. Whether , an on-screen and even a all runs of acquired analysing audience s programme sponsorship ‘coming up next’, or license period, what’s screens other department throughout the menu to highlight logo in the top corner of our e, liaising with channel performanc it. However, they bug of the channel team are behind - the Presentation patterns, the timing of schedules break also manage MAGAZINE: ISSUE RECORDER HAS PROVEN TO BE AN INVALUABLE PIECE OF KIT EDUCATION #TVF the ut TV Mark ur eting es TV-BAY | KITPLUS - THE EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY Official Publications es #TVF #T ut VF ur utures - @ccitv Searching? Title Sponsor Diamond Sponsor Platinum Sponsor Supporting Partner Knowledge Partner Official Airline Partner Official Publisher Official Media INTELLIGENCE FOR THE SATCOM MARKET Official Travel Partner Partners TECHNOLOGY INTELLIGENCE FOR THE SATCOM Official Courier Handler Organised by MARKET Search .uk/search things. Whilst with a project, everything to do better to archive jib operator! THE TV-BAY 54 | KITPLUS - MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 THE TV-BAY 34 | KITPLUS - MAGAZINE: ISSUE 109 JANUARY 2016 JONATHAN QUINN - FEATURED IN KITPLUS ISSUE 105 Although there have been times of great stress and panic, they are equalled by the reward and relief of finishing a project and having something you can look back on and feel incredibly proud about. My two highlights from my three years are completing a documentary that I put countless hours and effort into and the opportunity to broadcast live from the Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing Headquarters. Both of these opportunities presented massive amounts of issues, stress and lots of late nights but also gave me a learning experience that is second to none and that I will never forget. My three years on this course have gone by far too quickly, but I wouldn’t change a thing. THE STUDENT EXPERIENCE IS PARAMOUNT TO EVERYTHING WE DO. ALEX WATSON - FEATURED IN KITPLUS ISSUE 107 As I reach the end of my second year of BSc Television and Broadcasting, it has just started to sink in as to how fast my time at university is flying past. It seems like no time at all since I wrote at the end of my first year about how much I value the fact that the course allows me to spend all day working in an area I love. This remains true this year, in fact the last two years at the University of Portsmouth really have been the best. It’s hard to pick just one stand out moment from this year, as there have been so many great experiences but I think getting to produce a live programme that was broadcast on the Big Screen Portsmouth in Guildhall Square was great. Seeing the culmination of so many months of hard work broadcast online and to Portsmouth’s locals was brilliant. I’m looking forward to having another year on the course, getting to further develop skills that will prove useful when I’m working. GEMMA FRITH - FEATURED IN KITPLUS ISSUE 113 My most memorable moment from the past year was presenting live from Land Rover BAR in Old Portsmouth. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to present from such a picturesque location. This was the first outside broadcast I have ever worked on and it was so exciting! By setting up and broadcasting live from an unfamiliar location, we were definitely all put out of our comfort zones. However, in addition to it being my first outside broadcast, this was also the first show I’ve worked on that was filmed using a 360 camera. It was amazing! I’ll be honest in saying I didn’t even notice the camera during the broadcast - it’s a lot smaller than I expected and, with all the excitement of the day, it didn’t even cross my mind to look out for it - but being able to watch the show back in 360 degrees was fascinating! Definitely my new favourite piece of kit. DANIELLE WILTSHIRE - FEATURED IN KITPLUS ISSUE 111 Through the sweat and the tears of final year BSc Television and Broadcasting there has been achievement and success. Through my experience I believe being able to produce Live broadcasts on a weekly schedule was my highlight. Understanding what it is like taking on a responsibility not just for yourself but for your group. It has made me understand my weaknesses and strengths and has persuaded me that I love working within a fast paced environment. Another great highlight was the chance to advance on my skills and qualify as a PADI media diver. That experience will always be in my top 5. Overall my time here has been valuable it has taught me what I need to know but also has given me the push to learn what I want to know. Hence from July, I cannot wait to start my journey in the world of Broadcasting. AISLINN FADIAN - FEATURED IN KITPLUS ISSUE 108 Throughout the past three years at university, having had many unbelievable opportunities and experiences, it has been difficult to choose but one would be creating and producing a documentary in my final year. As all the time and effort was worthwhile seeing the end product, this documentary ‘Roofless’ taught myself a lot about the industry and society, all the problems that occurred and issues we dealt with and the overall process has been an incredible learning experience I won’t be quick to forget. As well as the documentary there has been many highlighted moments, one being the ‘social networking manager’ for CCI TV, (a student run Television channel) something having enjoyed thoroughly through the year, learnt a lot about digital media, and hope to continue down this path in the future. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 114 JUNE 2016 | 41