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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER MEDIA OVER IP MEDIA TRANSPORT At Broadcast Asia Artel Video Systems showcased its DLC510 multipurpose Dual-Port L-Band Demodulator, a device that adds new satellite scanning functionality to the company’s DigiLink media transport platform. The DLC510 functions as an L-band satellite demodulator and as a fully automatic L-band satellite scanner. Using DigiLink’s flexible DL Manager HTTP- and SNMPv2- based element management system, the DLC510 provides essential RF information, modulation data, and other key metrics used in daily operations in an easy-to-read list. Operators can then select a specific satellite transponder and send the demodulated signal to the ASI output for transport by other DigiLink modules over IP or fibre networks. The 4K Transport Interface and the NetGazer network management system were among the products on show at the Media Links stand during CommunicAsia. The 4K Transport Interface uses the UVTX/UVRX line cards of the MD8000 media-over-IP transport platform to process 4K video resolutions using 4x 1080P Square- Division or Two-Sample-Interleave signals. Each of four 1080P inputs is simultaneously compressed using low latency JPEG 2000 coding and packetised into a composite MPEG 2TS-over-IP stream following SMPTE 2022-1, -2 and -7 standards. Either 1080P Level A or Level B inputs can be accommodated. The NetGazer is a graphics-based software application that monitors and manages complex network environments and their associated elements. VIRTUAL MEDIA INFRASTRUCTURE Nevion celebrated its 20th year in business at Broadcast Asia by revealing how it believes broadcasters can move incrementally from baseband to IP and onto virtualisation using standards-based equipment deployed in a software- defined network (SDN). At the show the company showcased IP options for live production and studios, through to contribution, based on open industry standards including SMPTE 2022-6 and TR-03 endorsed by the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS). Nevion also outlined its vision for virtualised media production, demonstrating its orchestration software, VideoIPath, and various products including the NX4600 H.264/AVC media gateway. ENCODERS Yospace has partnered with video inventory management platform SpotX to serve personally targeted replacement advertisements within live streams. The partnership opens up ad spots in live TV ad breaks that were previously impossible to monetise when viewed online. Ad stitching by Yospace is performed server-side so that it works across different connected screens. For the broadcaster this means a single streaming workflow can be applied to linear content. When combined with SpotX’s advanced “decisioning” capability, adverts can be placed that are of equal or higher value to the original broadcast. Leon Siotis, managing director for the UK and Southern Europe at SpotX, said: “Our partnership with Yospace means broadcasters can decide whether to deliver a dynamically targeted ad in real time, in a given ad break across our global platform.” Digigram has appointed Huton Digital as a reseller and integrator of its AQORD HEVC encoders in South Korea. Huton will supply both the 4K Ultra HD version and the multi-HD encoder to content providers, broadcasters, VOD companies and government agencies. “With its AQORD range, Digigram is the first company to provide broadcasters with a cost- effective hardware-based encoding solution that uses the HEVC codec for HD or 4K,” said WonSun Lee, president at Huton Digital. “We are confident that this highly competitive range of video-over-IP encoders will afford Digigram a significant advantage within the South Korean market, and it also will enable our company to offer customers more robust integrated solutions.” PERSONALISED ADS 28 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 114 JUNE 2016