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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER ANALYSIS In the month of the UK’s EU referendum, it is only fitting that KitPlus makes some mention of Europe. As part of its Digital Single Market strategy, the European Commission (EC) recently presented an updated Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD): the common rules which govern audio-visual media and ensure cultural diversity and the free circulation of content in the EU. One of the updates proposes a change to how much local content is shown. The EC wants TV broadcasters to continue to dedicate at least half of viewing time to European-made content but will now also oblige on-demand providers to ensure at least a 20% share of the film and TV in their catalogues is made in Europe. The proposal also says that member states can ask on-demand services available in their country to contribute financially to European content. CLOUD PLAYOUT Flik TV in Indonesia has signed up for Amagi’s Cloudport channel playout platform and its 24/7 managed cloud playout service. The technology is being used for Flik’s entire workflow, from content preparation to storage and archival, playlist management and scheduling, graphics insertion, playout, delivery, and monitoring. Hosted on the Amazon Web Services AWS cloud infrastructure, Cloudport integrates with third party scheduling, automation, and asset management systems, and allows the broadcaster to manage video and audio assets and launch additional broadcast-quality feeds in new regions. Flik TV has partnered with TV operator Telkom Indonesia, where the Cloudport edge server is installed. The edge server plays feature-rich graphics, audio, and video based on Flik TV’s playlist. Users can manage the workflow via a secure cloud network from any remote location by using a web interface. The idea of imposing a European quota for on-demand catalogues is not new: according to the EC, quotas already exist in more than half of the EU member states including France. The plan seems to be to harmonise this across the continent. Similarly, 21% of the films offered by both Netflix and iTunes, for example, are already classed as being from the EU. And niche broadcasters and service providers are exempt. So how will it help? The EC says it will “have a positive impact on cultural diversity and bring more opportunities for European creators.” In that case, producers may welcome the quota but - as it does not specify that content has to be ‘new’ - on-demand providers could still load up with archive content. And if Netflix already meets the criteria, the overall benefit will be minimal. There is clearly more work to be done here. PLAYOUT PlayBox Neo and CloudAir made their Asia Pacific debuts at Broadcast Asia. A core element of the PlayBox Neo suite is the AirBox Neo playout server which supports UHD, HD and SD in a single unit and is designed for both 24/7 unattended and manual operation. Available on a software-as-a-service basis, CloudAir allows a real-time 24/7 television channel, a catch-up facility, the red button element of a reality show or coverage of a sports event to be set-up in matter of seconds, in any standard from SD to UHD. CloudAir can also be deployed as a disaster- recovery system. “We set ourselves the ambitious goal of designing the future of broadcast playout,” said chief executive Pavlin Rahnev. “That required a dual-strategy approach to meet the demand both from traditional broadcasters who like to retain full control over their technical infrastructure and from channel managers keen to employ third-party services. The results were PlayBox Neo and CloudAir respectively.” 24 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 114 JUNE 2016