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SYSTEM TESTING AJA Video Systems has released AJA System Test Lite, an Apple Store version of the company’s System Test speed checking software. The cross-platform application is used for measuring and reporting system and storage performance. Designed with digital video and post-production needs in mind, it emulates the writing and reading of video files to and from a hard disk, SSD, RAID, or NAS. It then displays results by either data rate or frame rate, including graphs that show performance over time. Users can specify resolutions, colour spaces, bit depths, compression types and file container types to emulate a specific digital video production/post workflow, and do preliminary evaluations. CLOUD EDITING Shares in Forbidden Technologies jumped by as much as 19% during May after the company announced that an un-named UK broadcaster has started a 12-month paid-for proof-of-concept study using its cloud-based video editing tool Forscene. Aziz Musa, chief executive of Forbidden Technologies, said: “This has the potential to be the most significant deal that the Company has struck to date. The proof of concept generates revenue immediately, and a successful proof of concept would open up significant revenue opportunities.” KEYBOARDS QC London post house Molinare has bought another Vidchecker- post licence to expand its media file quality control resources. Vidchecker is a server-based alternative to checking video and audio conformance by eye and hand. It can automatically and intelligently correct video and audio levels, including peak audio attenuation, and perform automatic video segment detection. Molinare chief technology officer Richard Wilding said: “Vidchecker-post provides our clients with a more efficient service and absolute confidence in the quality of the completed programme. Our second Vidchecker-post has been purchased to handle the increasing amount of file-based content now being processed, particularly for AS-11 DPP file deliveries to UK broadcasters.” Vidchcker supports SD, HD, UHD, 4K, 8K and mixed workflows. Editors Keys has launched its first ever backlit Final Cut Pro X Keyboard. With a three level lighting system, vibrant Final Cut Pro X artwork and more than 80 shortcuts, the common problems editors experience when working in dimly lit studios, including eyestrain, can be resolved, the company said. Each backlit button correlates to a vital editing function that would otherwise involve clicking through various menus. Studies have shown people can work up to 30% faster by using keyboard shortcuts.