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To solve any issues with infrastructure, RP1 embeds all transmission audio into existing video transport mechanisms; using an established video transport to embed the audio ensures that there are no synchronisation issues. RP1’s modular I/O backbone accepts any Calrec’s I/O cards which provides connectivity via analogue, AES, MADI, SDI, as well as the latest IP solutions from AES67, Ravenna, Dante, and SMPTE 2022. On the transmission console at base, all these remote I/O resources appear like any other local I/O box, so workflows are exactly the same as on any other broadcast which means there is no operator learning curve. With an increasing requirement for more content, at more locations, and with fewer resources, remote production is becoming a more attractive prospect to broadcasters. Some examples of remote broadcast environments are outlined in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2. FIG.1 NICHE SPORTS VENUE: Some sports, such as US college football, may be too regular and too expensive to cover with traditional outside broadcast units, or they may be of limited local interest. Remote production technologies allow more efficient utilisation of equipment and skilled on-site personnel. There is no requirement for a full team of audio engineers onsite at the venue; just a technician to check on-site connections. Audio connections can be made and tested in advance of a broadcast, and monitor feeds for on-site commentators can also be made in advance. The remote studio mixer can map RP1 controls onto the studio console, and commit this connectivity to memory to recall the same configuration at a later date. FIG. 2 LARGE SCALE SPORTS BROADCAST At a venue where there are a number of events happening simultaneously, such as an athletics event, a traditional outside broadcast truck may not have the capacity to provide coverage of all disciplines. Events will almost always have local commentary and so the creation of monitor feeds can be very complex, and often they will be made on location. RP1 allows IFBs to be set up in advance and processed on-site to eradicate latency. ROYALTY FREE MUSIC from the UK’s No 1 producer KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 113 MAY 2016 | 57