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Sony GoPro Omni Canon announced; the camera has a Super 35 sensor, a dual pixel autofocus but will need an external memory and external power. Weighing a nice 2.5lbs this lovely camera will be available in the near future. amazing. The HDC-4800 contains a PL mount and shoots in a BT.2020 and BT.709 colour space. Rumours are buzzing around that it will be available to purchase in August. Visit the Canon website to find out all the upcoming news and features. Panasonic Sony Introducing the new Super 35mm 4K camera which is perfect for filmmakers. The Sony HDC-4800 shoots a staggering 480fps in 4K, Impressive! You can even shoot up to 720fps in HD which is pretty A smaller version of the Varicam was shown at the Panasonic booth this year. Its bigger brother is the Varicam LT which is a monstrous 4K Super 35mm camera aimed at the indie filmmaker who use drones and gimbals. The camera contains 14+ stops of dynamic range Though no GH4 news is to come, Panasonic did show off a smaller version of the popular Varicam - the Varicam LT, a 4K Super 35mm monster designed for indie filmmakers using gimbals and drones. The camera has 14+ stops of dynamic range and weighs under 6 lbs. The Varicam LT is available now, and the body alone costs $16,500. Did you attend this year’s NAB? Did you see anything worth tweeting us about? If so tweet us at @editorskeys KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 113 MAY 2016 | 49