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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR SHARED STORAGE Archion Technologies has launched EditStor Omni Hybrid, a collaborative storage product designed to support facilities with both high video streaming and graphic rendering demands. It features large bandwidth, through a single 24-bay NAS media server, to handle 4K DPX/ UHD streaming video and IOPS performance dedicated to rendering, CGI and transcoding applications. “Omni Hybrid has the extreme performance to play back as many as eight DPX streams simultaneously, while also delivering an extraordinary number of IOPS for heavy renders,” said James Tucci, Archion’s chief technology officer. “It’s a testament to the significant intellectual property we’ve built over the years that enables Archion to offer such tremendous performance out of just a single affordable NAS system, unlike the competition that requires numerous and often external SSD drives.” In addition, Archion has also released product enhancements for EditStor Omni and Velo. MONITORING Video Clarity has released RTM 4K, a 4K-capable version of the company’s RTM real-time audio and video monitoring device. The RTM 4K takes 4K video sources and compares them with encoded/decoded 4K video to test for video quality, audio quality, lip sync, and loudness. It performs the tests using full-reference methods and correlates results to accepted scales of human perception. “4K, real-time, full-reference, perceptual-quality functionality has never been done before,” said Blake Homan, president and founder of Video Clarity. “Now manufacturers and entertainment networks with new 4K delivery functions can set up real-time monitoring with the unique functionality of automatic, time-based quality measurements that are highly correlated and meaningful to the audience’s quality of experience.” ASSET MANAGEMENT TMD has entered into a technical and business alliance with the playout technology provider BroadStream Solutions that will see the two companies work together to jointly deliver integrated products. The alliance was given its public debut at NAB in the form of a workflow demonstration that saw TMD’s cloud enabled Paragon+ content management technology working within BroadStream’s OASYS playout platform. TMD chief executive Tony Taylor said: “BroadStream’s OASYS is renowned as a multipurpose, unified, content delivery platform that delivers truly integrated playout on a single server. I’ve no doubt that our combined MAM and playout solutions will be a prime driver in the move to intelligent, software defined automated workflows.” ARCHIVE Object Matrix has developed a new search tool for use with its MatrixStore nearline storage and archive system. Called Vision, the interface allows users to examine and enhance any metadata that is attached to archived content and then search, preview and share assets using a web browser. Vision is AS- 11-compatible and can read metadata added during ingest as well as metadata extracted from the assets themselves. Vision is available in three configurations and can be delivered as an appliance or in a virtual machine. Vision G includes integrated proxy generation powered by Glookast while Vision + allows proxy generation provided by third party applications. 24 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 113 MAY 2016