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This rush to use UAS technology has not side- lined the conventional helicopter as an aerial filming tool, quite the contrary. knowledge of both platforms can provide a production with the knowledge to provide safe and exceptional results. “On too many occasions we are hearing from production how they have been considering the use of UAS over helicopters. Once we explain that a UAS cannot replace what a helicopter can do (and vice versa), explain and outline the safety restrictions and fully inform production on the positives and negatives of both platforms, an informed decision can then be made on which tool to use to obtain the best results” explains Braben There are a number of very good, professional UAS operating companies in the UK, and most of these are skilled enough to acknowledge that UAS are brilliant tools, but cannot do everything. They don’t try to drive a production to use a UAS based purely on economics” “Both aerial systems have their limitations of course. Helicopters cannot fly inside buildings nor in smaller confined areas or near people or sets without considerable noise and disturbance. UAS on the other hand have payload, duration, range, speed and altitude restrictions. They are very wind sensitive and their use for the running in over the sea and up over a cliff is not something to be considered lightly. A clear understanding of the benefits and knowledge of the capabilities of each system is very important. Both pieces of equipment are extremely good at what they do and are not mutually exclusive. There is a common ground but only an in-depth Recently, on Now You See Me - 2 and Captain America – Civil War, HFS deployed their 12 motor Aerigon UAS equipped with ARRI Alexa Mini and Angenieux Optimo Style zoom lenses in locations where a conventional helicopter just could not have flown, including underground interiors. On the same productions a full size helicopter and mount were utilised to fly the ARRI Alexa 65 package. As with any flying platform, safety and planning are paramount. HFS like to have film makers treat the UAS team as they would a helicopter aerial team. Share with them their ideas, the shots, the locations and be prepared for an honest answer from an experienced aerial team. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 112 APRIL 2016 | 57