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TECHNOLOGY TOP 15 Adobe Premiere Pro CC Shortcuts - Making your workflow faster! Beth Zarkosh This month we are taking an in depth look at the world of video editing and showing you ways to make your editing process faster and more productive. Here we present the top 15 shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. (starting off with the easy ones) Knowing all of the shortcuts can really help you become much more productive and saves you from getting a sore hand from all of those additional mouse clicks you’d have otherwise needed to make. (Thank us later!) You may know a few of the shortcuts already, however this handy list shows off just a small selection of the 200+ shortcuts that can be normally found on an Adobe Premiere shortcut keyboard. TOOL MAC PC Selection Tool V V Razor Tool C C Ripple Edit Tool B B Track Select Tool A A Roll Edit Tool N N Zoom In/Out Z Z Snap (turn on/off) S S Slide Edit Tool U U Rate Stretch Tool R R Pen Tool P P Insert & Overwrite Tool <> <> Copy CMD+V CTRL+V Cut CMD+C CTRL+C Paste Over CMD+A CTRL+A Duplicate CMD+A CTRL+A 46 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 112 APRIL 2016 If you’ve looked at those short-cuts to the left and thought of ripping the page out and sticking it above your workstation then you’ll be forgiven and I am sure you won’t be alone, it’s probably how most editors start out, especially those of us that are not full time editors and have to juggle edit time with production and running a business. An alternative to destroying the magazine it may be time to look at an editors keyboard and see how it can make a real difference to the speed and efficiency in which you edit. In the same way as learning the piano there are key overlays for most laptops and keyboards but if you swap laptop then you need a new overlay or your keyboard maybe slightly different to the standard spec with it not quite fitting and slipping about. We tried one out the slimline Adobe Premiere Pro CC Wireless Keyboard from Editors Keys which allowed us to continue using the normal keyboard (USB or laptop) at the same time which is useful if your edit machine is also your office work horse. It’s important to say at this point that the editing keyboard will work as a normal keyboard, not just editing, but depending on your typing skills you may find that using it for day to day emails, spread sheets and documents takes a bit of getting used to initially. When office based I work with a Macbook Pro on a second screen using a USB keyboard, a tracker pad and now the additional wireless