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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT As a UK-produced publication, Canada doesn’t often get much of a mention in the pages of KitPlus. That changes this month. As you can see below, SAM has provided equipment for the 4K and HDR broadcasting services being offered by Rogers Media. The Canadian cable giant is promising to provide 500 hours of live sports, movies, and TV shows in 4K UHD this year. Sportsnet, the joint venture between Rogers, CTV and Liberty Media, will show 100 sporting events including 20 NHL ice hockey games and all 81 of the Toronto Blue Jays’ Major League Baseball matches. Initially Sportnet promised UHD with HDR but now it is waiting for HDR standards to be agreed. UHD with HDR is considered to be as much as 70% better than HD by senior executives at Sportsnet. So they are very keen. In the UK, we have BT Sport offering UHD, and Sky are likely to launch an Ultra HD service via Sky Q in August just in time for the start of the next Premier League football season. Commitment to HDR has come from Amazon Prime and Netflix. So, with all that in mind, when will see the tipping point for Ultra High Definition (UHD) adoption in the UK? The end of the 2017, the DPP (Digital Production Partnership) has calculated. DPP managing director Mark Harrison said at BVE, while talking to this correspondent during a seminar, that the key components of available content, agreed standards, production readiness and cost neutrality plus TV-set uptake should align by the fourth quarter of 2017. “By that point, the UHD work that will have started in 2016 will have become mature in both the consumer and broadcast markets,” he said. “ The estimate was based on the conclusions of the ‘DPP at Home’, an invitation-only DPP Members discussion event. Much like Canada though, HDR will take a little longer, he said. The tipping point for that will probably be more like mid-2018. You heard it here first. Signal processing Cobalt Digital has joined the TICO Alliance, the consortium of manufacturers supporting the TICO compression standard for IP-based live production. Membership gives Cobalt access to the TICO technology, and in turn allows it to integrate TICO into its high-density FPGA-based hardware platforms. Cobalt TICO products will be available as openGear modular cards and as units in Cobalt’s BBG-1000 Series of stand-alone systems. “Participating in the TICO Alliance will help Cobalt maintain its strong position in the signal- processing and transport markets as a go-to provider of essential, problem-solving products that connect system components such as cameras, production switchers, and multiviewers,” said Jesse Foster, director of products and business development at Cobalt Digital. Broadcast graphics RT Software will use NAB to demonstrate 4K UHD graphics offerings in the fields of sports graphics and telestration, overlays, virtual studio and Augmented Reality. Included on booth SL5223 will be the tOG-Sports, a cloud-based version of the company’s telestration system with 4K support, and implementations of its Physically Based Rendering (PBR) capabilities for graphics overlay. The latter include the tOG-3d Pro product, and for more basic applications, the low-cost tOG-2. For virtual studio and Augmented Reality applications the tOG-VR will be on show displaying real broadcast examples from BT Sport. 12 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 112 APRIL 2016